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The following page lists the commands that currently exist in the mod.

Command Description
gamerule keepAllInventory Setting this command to true will prevent the player's inventory from dropping on death. This command has to be used in placed of keepInventory, which does not work when Advent of Ascension is installed. (This command was removed in Tslat 1.1)
gamerule keepNoInventory (This command was removed in Tslat 1.1)
summon nevermine.MobName This is how one spawns mobs from the mod. Replace 'MobName' with the desired mob's ID name. In most cases, this is same as the mob's actual names, but there are some exceptions.
give nevermine:Block/ItemName This is the command to give player blocks or items from the mod. The player can press the Tab key to autocomplete the query.

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