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Ancient Teleportation

The Ancient Teleporter can be used to teleport to different dimensions in Nevermine. All dimensions are reachable through the teleporter with the exception of Greckon, Runandor and Lunalus. Furthermore, some dimensions require your entry to the aforementioned dimensions before becoming available. The base teleporter can be crafted with eight amethyst ingots and one diamond in the center.

8 Amethyst Ingots, 1 Diamond

In the 2.5 snapshot, the Ancient Teleporter Blueprint received a new recipe:

8 Jade Ingots, 1 Diamond

When used, it will create a portal structure (15x11) centered on the block the player used it on. The carved runic stone will always be on the West side of the structure. The portal can be activated by using a Realmstone on the carved runic block Carved Runic Block.gif located on the front of the portal structure.


Realmstones are used to activate the teleporter. To use a Realmstone, the player has to right-click the realmstone on the carved runic block on the front of the Teleporter. Most Realmstones drop from different mobs of Nevermine, but some are acquired through other means. The Realmstones have a 100% chance to drop from the rare mobs of the dimension. Each dimension has a specific realmstone, excluding the Greckon, Runandor and Lunalus. The list for the mobs that drop realmstone is as follows (mobs that are in bold are rare mobs):

The Haven   Goalby, Magicke, Voliant
The Abyss   Linger, Anemia, Bloodmist, Trickster, Slimer
Precasia   Stinger, Bush Baby, Terradon
Mysterium   Bugeye, Fungung
Iromine   Dweller, Foraging level 55, Mechachron
The Deeplands   Clown, Faceless Runner, Ghost, Shade, Trickster, Doubler
Gardencia*   Dyrehorn, Giant Slug, Sunny
L'Borean   Corallus, Treasure Box, Neptuno
Vox Ponds*   Pod Plant, Flower Face, Squasher, Exoid
Barathos   Paladin, Bouncer, Eilosapien
Dustopia   Grillface, Hunter, Shifter, Stalker Prime
Lands of Lelyetia   Seeker, Surveyor, Grobbler
Ancient Cavern   Automaton, Flower Face, Bloodsucker, Rock Critter
Celeve   Clown, Jumbo
Crystevia   Case Construct, Construct of Mind
Candyland   Koko, Chocko, Sticky, Cherry Barrager
Immortallis   Death Hunter
Creeponia   Host, King Creeper
Labricon   Right-click a Recreation Station with the five Realmstone Fragments.

This realmstone currently does not work

The Shyrelands   Stimulosus

Only available in 2.5 Snapshot.

  • The Shyrelands Realmstone is dropped by the Stimulosus in the 2.5 Snapshot, but Stimulosus only spawn legitimately in the Shyrelands, which requires the realmstone to get to in the first place. No mobs outside the Shyrelands drop the realmstone in the snapshot.

In the 2.5 snapshot, the Gardencia realmstone is no longer dropped by Dyrehorns and Giant Slugs, it will instead be dropped by a new Overworld mob. The Vox Ponds realmstone is no longer dropped by Pod Plants, Flower Faces, and Squashers, it will instead be dropped by a new Mysterium mob.

Other Dimension EntryEdit

The dimensions Greckon and Runandor can only be entered via a specific portal structure. You will need a Realm Travel Ticket to enter the portals. The portal spawns in a structure found in Mysterium. There is a specific blueprint for this portal that can be obtained as drops from the rare mobs of the dimension.

The dimension Lunalus can only be entered via a portal that is spawned when a Terrestrial is killed. There is no blueprint nor realmstone for this portal.


Version Information
1.1 Added portal to Lunalus, Greckon, and Runandor.
1.2 Added Ancient Teleporter.
Added realmstones. The obtainable realmstones were: Haven, Abyss, Precasia, Mysterium, Iromine, Deeplands, Gardencia, L'Borean, Barathos, Vox Ponds, Dustopia, and Lelyetia.
2.0 Added Ancient Cavern Realmstone.
2.1 Added Celeve Realmstone.
2.2 Added Crystevia Realmstone.
2.3 Added Candyland Realmstone.
Crystevia Realmstone is now dropped by Case Constructs.
 ?? Crystevia realmstones are no longer dropped by Rock Critters, Rock Crawlers and Rockbiters.
2.4 Added Immortallis, Creeponia and Labricon realmstones (Labricon's doesn't work however).
2.4.B L'Borean Realmstones are no longer dropped by Carrotops.
L'Borean Realmstone is now dropped by Treasure Boxes.
Upcoming 2.5 Added Shyrelands Realmstone.
Gardencia Realmstone is now dropped by Crop Monsters, no longer from Dyrehorns and Giant Slugs.
Vox Ponds Realmstone is now dropped by Darklings, no longer from Flower faces, Squashers, or Pod Plants.