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Ancient Teleportation

If you are using version 2.4.B or below, see this article.

A lit portal to the Haven.

The Ancient Teleporter is the portal structure the player must build in order to travel to different dimensions in Advent of Ascension. All dimensions are accessible via the teleporter with the exception of Greckon, Runandor and Lunalus.

Creating the portal frameEdit

To access the dimensions in the mod (with the exception of Greckon, Runandor, and Lunalus), the player has to create a portal (pictured right).

To make the portal, the player will first need to make the portal frame. The frame requires that the player collect the following materials:

The ancient rock can be found in a ruined teleporter structure, while the carved runes (except carved rune of power) can be found inside vanilla chests in structures (Dungeons, Mineshafts, Village Blacksmiths, etc), and uncommonly as a part of the ruined teleporter. The carved rune of power is an exception, it must be crafted instead of found.

The player must build the frame to be 5 blocks long and 6 blocks tall, and all of the above listed materials must be present in the portal structure. The Carved Rune of Power has to go in the center spot on the bottom of the portal frame. The rest of the carved runes can go anywhere. The corners are not optional (see diagram below).

When the portal frame is built, there should be a 3 block long and 4 block tall empty space inside the frame for the portal to go in.


Lighting the portalEdit

Once the portal structure is created, the player can activate the portal using a realmstone. To activate the portal, the player must use a realmstone on the Carved Rune of Power. If the portal structure is built correctly, the portal will activate and the realmstone will be consumed. If the portal is not built the correctly, the message This Teleporter Does Not Have Enough Power! will be displayed, and the portal will not activate.


Realmstones are used to activate the portal. To activate the portal with a realmstone, the player has to use the realmstone on the Carved Rune of Power in the portal structure. Most realmstones drop from different mobs in Advent of Ascension, but some are acquired through other means. In most cases, the realmstones have a 100% chance to drop from the rare mobs of the dimension they correspond to. Each dimension has a specific realmstone, excluding the Greckon, Runandor and Lunalus. The list for the mobs that drop realmstone is as follows (mobs that are in bold are rare mobs):

Dimension Obtained from
The Haven   Goalby, Magicke, Voliant
The Abyss   Linger, Anemia, Bloodmist, Trickster, Slimer
Precasia   Stinger, Bush Baby, Terradon
Mysterium   Bugeye, Fungung
Iromine   Dweller, Foraging level 55, Mechachron
The Deeplands   Clown, Faceless Runner, Ghost, Shade, Trickster, Doubler
Gardencia   Dyrehorn, Giant Slug, Sunny
L'Borean   Corallus, Treasure Box, Neptuno
Vox Ponds   Pod Plant, Flower Face, Squasher, Exoid
Barathos   Paladin, Bouncer, Eilosapien
Dustopia   Grillface, Hunter, Shifter, Stalker Prime
Lands of Lelyetia   Seeker, Surveyor, Grobbler
Ancient Cavern   Automaton, Flower Face, Bloodsucker, Rock Critter
Celeve   Clown, Jumbo
Crystevia   Case Construct, Construct of Mind
Candyland   Koko, Chocko, Sticky, Cherry Barrager
Immortallis   Death Hunter
Creeponia   Host, King Creeper
Labricon   Right-click a Recreation Station with the five Realmstone Fragments.

This realmstone currently does not work

The Shyrelands   Lost Soul, Stimulosus

This page is currently a W.I.P to account for the changes made in version Tslat 1.1.


Version Information
1.1 Added portal to Lunalus, Greckon, and Runandor.
2.0 Added Ancient Teleporter.
Added realmstones. The obtainable realmstones were: Haven, Abyss, Precasia, Mysterium, Iromine, Deeplands, Gardencia, L'Borean, Barathos, Vox Ponds, Dustopia, Lelyetia, and Ancient Cavern.
2.1 Added Celeve Realmstone.
2.2 Added Crystevia Realmstone.
2.3 Added Candyland Realmstone.
Crystevia Realmstone is now dropped by Case Constructs.
?? Crystevia realmstones are no longer dropped by Rock Critters, Rock Crawlers and Rockbiters.
2.4 Added Immortallis, Creeponia and Labricon realmstones (Labricon's doesn't work however).
2.4.B L'Borean Realmstones are no longer dropped by Carrotops.
L'Borean Realmstone is now dropped by Treasure Boxes.
Tslat 1.1 Ancient teleporter blueprints were removed; instead Ruined Teleporter structures now generate underground, while Carved Runes (found in loot chests) are now required to build portals.
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