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Environment Canada
Version Born 1995

Xolova (real name Brendan Wildish; also spelled XolovA) is the creator of Advent of Ascension.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Xolova was born in the year 1995. He is at least 22 years old.

Back in 2012, Xolova created a mod known as DivineRPG. He continued to develop this mod with his team, until he decided to take a break. 9 months later, Xolova realized how much was wrong with DivineRPG (e.g.: Overpowered mobs and weapons). He then left DivineRPG's assets to the other developers, and began making Advent of Ascension alone.

He currently works on Advent of Ascension to this day. During this time, he has also made mods for other youtubers as well, such as Atlantis Rising for theAtlanticCraft and Total Colosseum for JeromeASF. He has also made various lucky block addons for JeromeASF.

Information[edit | edit source]

Xolova began learning Java many years prior to taking a course in it. He never took any graphical design courses however.

Xolova is a smart and clever person. While producing updates, Xolova usually shows teasers to the community. These teasers often are specially designed to misguide and fool the community into thinking something else (e.g.: the first reveal of Immortallis show a ghostly mob, making everybody think the realmstone would've been dropped by a Soul Scurry Event mob.).

Xolova is shown to have a sense of humor, whether it be through teasers ("Rocks"), or through everyday speech ("Challenge accepted"). He always tries to remain optomistic, despite all of the hate and ungratefulness he's received over the years. Whenever situations of hate break out, Xolova has been shown to be able successfully put them down with his speeches and lectures.

General Information[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to 2.4, Xolova's favorite mob was the Stalker. Post-2.4 it's the Baumba.
  • His favorite skill is Hunter.
  • His favorite armor set is the SpaceKing Armor.
  • In his opinion:
  • His biggest discouragement with Nevermine is Mysterium. He says that "Every mob is rather weak on their own, but when thrown together, they make one big mess."
  • He once had to wait an hour to buy a watch.

Quotes[edit | edit source]