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Weapons are tools that are used for combat. Weapons will deal damage to its target, and can provide a wide variety of functions. Swords will lose durability upon hitting an enemy, while the durability of ranged weapons will decrease upon firing, even if it misses its target.

Weapons will disintegrate when their durability runs out; to prevent this, they can be repaired using special materials. Most weapons can be repaired with Rosite Ingots; however weapons obtained from the Lottomen require Magic Repair Dust, and weapons obtained from the Lunar Creation Table require Lunar Ingots.

Swords[edit | edit source]

Swords are the most basic type of weapon in Minecraft. Swords are short ranged melee weapons that can attack quickly. Swords can also block attacks when held in a defensive stance. This will reduce most damage by 50% and will reduce the player to a speed slower than sneaking.

SwordAmethyst.png Amethyst Sword SwordRosite.png Rosite Sword SwordLimonite.png Limonite Sword SwordJade.png Jade Sword
SwordSapphire.png Sapphire Sword SwordEmberstone.png Emberstone Sword SwordCoralstone.png Coral Stone Sword SwordFireborne.png Fireborne Sword
SwordHorizonMaul.png Horizon Maul SwordBloodstone.png Bloodstone Sword SwordCrystallite.png Crystallite Sword SwordNethengeic.png Nethengeic Sword
TrollBasherAxe.png Troll Basher-Axe SwordLegBone.png Leg-Bone Sword SwordShadow.png Shadow Sword SwordRockbasher.png Rockbasher Sword
SwordBaron.png Baron Sword SwordRunic.png Runic Sword SwordShroomus.png Shroomus Sword SwordGuardians.png Guardian's Sword
SwordIllusion.png Illusion Sword BloodFury.png Bloodfury SwordRockPick.png Rock-Pick Sword SwordExplochron.png Explochron Sword
SwordRosidian.png Rosidian Sword SwordCoralstorm.png Coralstorm Sword SwordSkeletal.png Skeletal Sword SwordHarvester.png Harvester Sword
Void Sword.png Void Sword Ultraflame.png Ultraflame Crystal Maul.png Crystal Maul Caramel Carver.png Caramel Carver
Sweet Sword.png Sweet Sword Creepified Sword.png Creepified Sword Vulcammer.png Vulcammer Candlefire Sword.png Candlefire Sword
Supremecy Sword.png Supremecy Sword Holy Sword.png Holy Sword Light's Way.png Light's Way Slowstone Sword.png Slowstone Sword
Diamondhead Sword.png Diamondhead Sword Divinity Sword.png Divinity Sword Witherstone Sword.png Witherstone Sword Terrestrial Sword.png Terrestrial Sword

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Swords for a comparison chart.

Greatblades[edit | edit source]

Greatblades are larger versions of swords. Greatblades have significantly larger range than normal swords. Although they are very similar to swords, they are considered to be ranged weapons, and will not be affected by strength effects.

Grandsword.png Grandsword CoralGreatblade.png Coral Greatblade RosidianGreatblade.png Rosidian Greatblade BaronGreatblade.png Baron Greatblade
LunarGreatblade.png Lunar Greatblade TidalGreatblade.png Tidal Greatblade SubterraneanGreatblade.png Subterranean Greatblade LelyetianGreatblade.png Lelyetian Greatblade
RunicGreatblade.png Runic Greatblade UnderworldGreatblade.png Underworld Greatblade HauntedGreatblade.png Haunted Greatblade LeveledGreatblade.png Leveled Greatblade
NoxiousGreatblade.png Noxious Greatblade LyonicGreatblade.png Lyonic Greatblade DarkinGreatblade.png Darkin Greatblade PrimordialGreatblade.png Primordial Greatblade
RoyalGreatblade.png Royal Greatblade GoofyGreatblade.png Goofy Greatblade EternalGreatblade.png Eternal Greatblade Crystal Greatblade.png Crystal Greatblade
Shroomic Greatblade.png Shroomic Greatblade Cotton Crusher.png Cotton Crusher Candy Blade.png Candy Blade Creepoid Greatblade.png Creepoid Greatblade
Millenium Greatblade.png Millenium Greatblade Shyre Sword.png Shyre Sword God'sGreatblade.gif God's Greatblade Knight's Guard.png Knight's Guard
Slowstone Greatblade.png Slowstone Greatblade Witherstone Greatblade.png Witherstone Greatblade Burnblade.png Burnblade Terrestrial Greatblade.png Terrestrial Greatblade

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Greatblades for a comparison chart.

God Scythes[edit | edit source]

Scythes are larger versions of swords. Similarly to Greatblades, Scythes have significantly larger range than normal swords. Although they are very similar to swords, they are considered to be ranged weapons, and will not be affected by strength effects. Unlike Greatblades, Scythes consume 20 energy on use. If a player does not have enough energy, the scythe cannot be used.

SelyanScythe.png Selyan Scythe LuxonScythe.png Luxon Scythe EredonScythe.png Erebon Scythe PlutonScythe.png Pluton Scythe

See specific pages for individual weapon information.

Bows[edit | edit source]

Bows are the most basic type of ranged weapon in Minecraft. Bows are weapons that fire arrows, and can be drawn back as long as the user has Holly Arrows in the player's inventory (unless the player is in creative mode). While the bow is being charged or remains fully charged, the player is forced to move at sneak speed, unless they are riding a horse at the time, which causes no speed decrease. Charging the bow to its maximum causes it to visually shake as an indicator, and releases an arrow with a sparkling effect, signifying a critical hit.

BowPoison.png Poison Bow BowInfernal.png Infernal Bow BowSpeed.png Speed Bow BowVoid.png Void Bow
BowWither.png Wither Bow BowAlacrity.png Alacrity Bow BowIce.png Ice Bow BowWeaken.png Weaken Bow
BowExplosive.png Explosive Bow BowSkeletal.png Skeletal Bow BowScreamer.png Screamer Bow BowAncient.png Ancient Bow
BowNightmare.png Nightmare Bow BowSoulfire.png Soulfire Bow BowRunic.png Runic Bow BowDeep.png Deep Bow
BowHaunted.png Haunted Bow SlingShot.png Sling Shot BowLunar.png Lunar Bow BowBaron.png Baron Bow
BowBoreic.png Boreic Bow BowDaybreaker.png Daybreaker BowSpectral.png Spectral Bow BowRosidian.png Rosidian Bow
BowPredatious.png Predatious Bow BowToxin.png Toxin Bow BowEternal.png Eternal Bow BowDarkin.png Darkin Bow
BowDemon.png Demon Bow BowPrimordal.png Primordial Bow BowSkydriver.png Skydriver Bow BowMecha.png Mecha Bow
BowAtlantic.png Atlantic Bow Justice Bow.png Justice Bow Shyregem Bow.png Shyregem Bow Sunshine Bow.png Sunshine Bow

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Bows for a comparison chart.

Archerguns[edit | edit source]

Archerguns are rapid firing guns that fire arrows. Archerguns generally deal less damage than a bow to compensate for the firing speed. An Archergun will not be fired if the ammunition (Holly Arrow) is not present in the inventory of the player. Archerguns will slow the player holding it slightly.

TrollsArchergun.png Troll's Archergun LunarArchergun.png Lunar Archergun SkeletalArchergun.png Skeletal Archergun CoralArchergun.png Coral Archergun
RosidianArchergun.png Rosidian Archergun SpectralArchergun.png Spectral Archergun DarkinArchergun.png Darkin Archergun PyroArchergun.png Pyro Archergun
ViralArchergun.png Viral Archergun MechaArchergun.png Mecha Archergun

See specific pages for individual weapon information.

Guns[edit | edit source]

Guns are ranged weapons that consume Metal Pellets as ammunition. Guns fire at a variety of different speeds. Certain guns will apply special effects to the projectiles that they fire. Some guns have a percent chance to not consume ammo upon use. A gun can only be fired if ammunition is present in the user's inventory. Guns will slow the player holding it slightly.

HotShot.png Hot Shot HuntersRifle.png Hunter's Rifle LongShot.png Long Shot BayonetteRifle.png Bayonette Rifle
CoreRifle.png Core Rifle IonRevolver.png Ion Revolver DestructionRifle.png Destruction Rifle PurityRifle.png Purity Rifle
ChainWrecker.png Chain Wrecker Dustometer.png Dustometer FlowersFury.png Flowers Fury Tommy.png Tommy
MiniGun.png Minigun Stormer.png Stormer MechanicalAssaultRifle.png Mech-AR RockerRifle.png Rocker Rifle
LunarAssaulterRifle.png Lunar Assault Rifle SquadGun.png Squad Gun VileVanquisher.png Vile Vanquisher Mk.png M-K
Electinator.png Electinator Frosticator.png Frosticator Germinator.png Germinator Krilinator.png Krilinator
Dragilator.png Dragilator Stampede.png Stampede Baronator.png Baronator EchoGull.png Echo Gull
IroRifle.png Iro Rifle Wrecker.png Wrecker HaunterRifle.png Haunters Rifle Abominator.png Abominator
Pulsator.png Pulsator FlamingFury.png Flaming Fury Cyclone.png Cyclone DarkinDestroyer.png Darkin Destroyer
BigTop.png Big Top Draco.png Draco Roulette.png Roulette Overshot.png Overshot
Spectacle.png Spectacle Megagun.png Megagun Artifact.png Artifact Construct.png Construct
Crystal Carver.png Crystal Carver Blast Barrel.png Blast Barrel MintMagnum.png Mint Magnum Miasma.png Miasma
Ginger Blaster.png Ginger Blaster Demolisher.png Demolisher Vivo.png Vivo Heat Wave.png Heat Wave
Amplifier.png Amplifier Sublimus.png Sublimus

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Guns for a comparison chart.

Slug Shotguns[edit | edit source]

Slug shotguns are ranged weapons that consume Metal Slugs as ammunition. Although slug shotguns fire at a variety of different speeds, they generally fire slower than rifles while dealing more damage and knockback. Certain slug shotguns will apply special effects to the projectiles that they fire. Some slug shotguns have a percent chance to not consume ammo upon use. A slug shotgun can only be fired if ammunition is present in the user's inventory. Slug Shotguns will slow the player holding it slightly.

BrownBlaster.png Brown Blaster BlueBarrel.png Blue Barrel RedRocket.png Red Rocket NethengeicSlugger.png Nethengeic Slugger
Mechyro.png Mechryo CoralClogger.png Coral Clogger BloodIron.png Blood Iron PurityShotgun.png Purity Shotgun
DestructionShotgun.png Destruction Shotgun GaugeRifle.png Gauge Rifle Gimmick.png Gimmick PurplePunisher.png Purple Punisher

See specific pages for individual weapon information.

Snipers[edit | edit source]

Snipers are long-distance guns that consume Metal Pellets as ammunition. When held in a player's hand, their view will zoom in and a scope image will appear over their screen. While this is in effect, the player is unable to move in any direction, unless they are wearing the full Sharpshot Armor set.

Duster.png Duster BoltRifle.png Bolt Rifle CamoRifle.png Camo Rifle BayonetteSR.png BayonetteSR
RosidRifle.png Rosid Rifle HeadHunter.png Head Hunter SludgeSniper.png Sludge Sniper BulletBlaster.png Bullet Blaster
Terminator.png Terminator Viper1.png Viper-1 Ka500.png Ka500 BaronSSR.png Baron SSR
ClownCracker.png Clown Cracker Decimator.png Decimator Monster.png Monster MarkMaker.png Mark Maker
Crystaneer.png Crystaneer SweetTooth.png Sweet Tooth Deadlock.png Deadlock DualSight.png Dual Sight
Sabbath.png Sabbath

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Snipers for a comparison chart.

Cannons[edit | edit source]

Cannons are ranged weapons that generally consume Cannonballs or Grenades as ammunition; however certain cannons consume different materials. Cannons fire at a variety of different speeds, however the speed is usually slow. Cannons deal large amounts of damage and knockback. Certain cannons will apply special effects to the projectiles that they fire. Some Cannons have a percent chance to not consume ammo upon use. A cannon can only be fired if ammunition is present in the user's inventory. Cannons will slow the player holding it slightly.

MiniCannon.png Mini Cannon BoomCannon.png Boom Cannon IroCannon.png Iro Cannon SuperCannon.png Super Cannon
UltraCannon.png Ultra Cannon CoralCannon.png Coral Cannon GhastBlaster.png Ghast Blaster ShadowBlaster.png Shadow Blaster
VoxCannon.png Vox Cannon GhoulCannon.png Ghoul Cannon AquaCannon.png Aqua Cannon HiveHowitzer.png Hive Howitzer
WitherCannon.png Wither Cannon FlowerCannon.png Flower Cannon MechaCannon.png Mecha Cannon BigBlast.png Big Blast
RPG.png RPG EnergyCannon.png Energy Cannon PulseCannon.png Pulse Cannon ClownCannon.png Clown Cannon
GigaCannon.png Giga Cannon BozoBlaster.png Bozo Blaster Leveler.png Leveler BoulderBomber.png Boulder Bomber
Missile Maker.png Missile Maker Boom-Boom.png Boom-Boom Shyre Blaster.png Shyre Blaster

See specific pages for individual weapon information.

Sticky Bombers[edit | edit source]

Sticky Bombers are ranged weapons that fire projectiles which stick to targets. The projectiles explode after a short delay, and may stick to the ground or an enemy depending on the weapon. Some Sticky Bombers apply special effect as long as they are active. Sticky Bombers use grenades as ammunition. Sticky Bombers will slow the player holding it slightly.

Selyan Stickler.png Selyan Stickler Luxon Stickler.png Luxon Stickler Erebon Stickler.png Erebon Stickler Pluton Stickler.png Pluton Stickler
Bomb Launcher.png Bomb Launcher Blast Cannon.png Blast Cannon

See specific pages for individual weapon information.

Light Artillery[edit | edit source]

Light artillery weapons are ranged weapons that consume special items as ammunition. These weapons fire at a variety of different speeds. Certain weapons will apply special effects to the projectiles that they fire. Some weapons have a percent chance to not consume ammo upon use. A weapon can only be fired if ammunition is present in the user's inventory. Light Artillery weapons will slow the player holding it slightly.

DischargeSniper.png Discharge Sniper DischargeRifle.png Discharge Rifle Discharge Shotgun.png Discharge Shotgun Discharge Cannon.png Discharge Cannon
DartGun.png Dart Gun WartGun.png Wart Gun JackRocker.png Jack Rocker ChiliChugger.png Chili Chugger
Gardener.png Gardener CarrotCannon.png Carrot Cannon BalloonBomber.png Balloon Bomber

See specific pages for individual weapon information.

Energy Weapons[edit | edit source]

Energy Weapons are ranged weapons that use Energy. Instead of consuming ammo from the player's inventory, Energy Weapons temporarily drain the user's Energy instead; without enough Energy, the weapon cannot be used. Holding an Energy Weapon will slow the player slightly.

SoulStorm.png Soul Storm IllusionSMG.png Illusion SMG BloodDrainer.png Blood Drainer IllusionRevolver.png Illusion Revolver
Gravity Blaster.png Gravity Blaster Eradicator.png Eradicator PowerRay.png Power Ray WithersWrath.png Wither's Wrath
ConfettiCannon.png Confetti Cannon BlastChiller.png Blast Chiller MoonShiner.png Moon Shiner VortexBlaster.png Vortex Blaster
ToxicTerrorizer.png Toxic Terrorizer BoneBlaster.png Bone Blaster DoomBringer.png Doom Bringer ConfettiCluster.png Confetti Cluster
PoisonPlunger.png Poison Plunger AnimalBlasters.gif Animal Blasters SoundCannons.gif Sound Cannons Color Cannon.png Color Cannon
SoulSpark.png Soul Spark GhoulGasser.png Ghoul Gasser IroMiner.png Iro Miner LunaBlaster.png Luna Blaster
MechaBlaster.png Mecha Blaster Flowercorne.png Flowercorne GasBlaster.png Gas Blaster PartyPopper.png Party Popper
IonBlaster.png Ion Blaster SpiritShower.png Spirit Shower WimsyWinder.png Whimsy Winder Reefer.png Reefer
DarkDestroyer.png Dark Destroyer Mystique.png Mystique BubbleHorn.png Bubble Horn MindBlaster.png Mind Blaster
Atomizer.png Atomizer Swarmotron.png Swarm-O-Tron Creator.png Creator Laser Blaster.png Laser Blaster
Proton.png Proton Orbocron.png Orbocron Froster.png Froster Beamer.png Beamer
Odious.png Odious Krasaun's Dawn.png Krasaun's Dawn Revolution.png Revolution Paralyzer.png Paralyzer
Soul Drainer.png Soul Drainer

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Energy Weapons for a comparison chart.

Staves[edit | edit source]

Staves are a special type of item that require Runes from a Rune Pouch. Most Staves are weapons, but not all of them; some can be used to perform other tasks (such as healing the player or summoning allies). Each Stave consumes Runes on use; up to 3 different types of Runes may be required. Runes will only be accepted if they are inside a Rune Pouch, and only from the first one in the player's inventory; all other Runes will be ignored.

WindStaff.png Wind Staff FireStaff.png Fire Staff WaterStaff.png Water Staff PoisonStaff.png Poison Staff
WitherStaff.png Wither Staff StrikerStaff.png Striker Staff LunarStaff.png Lunar Staff EmberStaff.png Ember Staff
RejuvinationStaff.png Rejuvenation Staff TangleStaff.png Tangle Staff LightningStaff.png Lightning Staff SurgeStaff.png Surge Staff
CoralStaff.png Coral Staff NightmareStaff.png Nightmare Staff WebStaff.png Web Staff PhantomStaff.png Phantom Staff
KaiyouStaff.png Kaiyu Staff RunicStaff.png Runic Staff ShadowlordStaff.png Shadowlord Staff CelestialStaff.png Celestial Staff
HiveStaff.png Hive Staff FormationStaff.png Formation Staff DestructionStaff.png Destruction Staff FungalStaff.png Fungal Staff
UnderworldStaff.png Underworld Staff JokerStaff.png Joker Staff NatureStaff.png Nature Staff HauntersStaff.png Haunters Staff
BaronStaff.png Baron Staff WizardStaff.png Wizard Staff GhoulStaff.png Ghoul Staff PowerStaff.png Power Staff
VengenceStaff.png Vengence Staff AquaticStaff.png Aquatic Staff FireflyStaff.png Firefly Staff FirestormStaff.png Firestorm Staff
ReefStaff.png Reef Staff RosidianStaff.png Rosidian Staff MechaStaff.png Mecha Staff SnowstormStaff.png Snowstorm Staff
NoxiousStaff.png Noxious Staff LyonicStaff.png Lyonic Staff MeteorStaff.png Meteor Staff SunStaff.png Sun Staff
MoonlightStaff.png Moonlight Staff AtlanticStaff.png Atlantic Staff DemonStaff.png Demon Staff ShowStaff.png Show Staff
PrimordalStaff.png Primordial Staff Crystal Staff.png Crystal Staff Crystik Staff.png Crystik Staff Cryston Staff.png Cryston Staff
Candy Staff.png Candy Staff Evermight Staff.png Evermight Staff Everfight Staff.png Everfight Staff Concussion Staff.png Concussion Staff
Lightshine.png Lightshine Shyre Staff.png Shyre Staff Sky Staff.png Sky Staff Ultimatum Staff.png Ultimatum Staff

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Staves for a comparison chart.

Vulcanes[edit | edit source]

Vulcanes are weapons that work with the Vulcanism skill to do damage. The player can craft different Augments with the basic vulcane to apply different effects. You can only place one Augment on a vulcane, so choose carefully. All but the base vulcane require the player to be a certain level of Vulcanism in order to use. As the player levels up in Vulcanism, the Vulcane's max damage will increase. More info can be seen here.

Vulcane.png Vulcane Fire Vulcane.png Fire Vulcane Impairment Vulcane.png Impairment Vulcane Poison Vulcane.png Poison Vulcane
Power Vulcane.png Power Vulcane Wither Vulcane.png Wither Vulcane Equality Vulcane.png Equality Vulcane Battle Vulcane.png Battle Vulcane

See specific pages for individual weapon information.

Upgraded Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapons in this category can be made by upgrading a weapon using a specific Upgrade Kit. Upgrading a weapon increases it's damage, and some upgrades provide additional bonuses.

Nether Upgrade Kit.png
ChainWreckerNether.png Flame Wrecker HellHorn.png Hell Horn BayonetteRifleNether.png Nethenette Rifle
Ancient Upgrade Kit.png
BoomCannonAncient.png Ancient Bomber DischargeCannonAncient.png Ancient Discharger AbominatorPrecasian.png Iominator
Precasian Upgrade Kit.png
NethengeicSluggerPrecasian.png Precasian Slugger SquadGunPrecasian.png Spine Gun TommyPrecasian.png Tiger Tommy
Runic Upgrade Kit.png
FungalCannon.png Fungal Cannon JackFunger.png Jack Funger MkFungal.png MK-Fung
Abyssal Upgrade Kit.png
Abyssro.png Abyssro BulbCannon.png Bulb Cannon DeathRay.png Death Ray
Apoco Upgrade Kit.png
ApocoAssaultRifle.png Apoco Assault Rifle ApocoRifle.png Apoco Rifle ApocoShower.png Apoco Shower
Floro Upgrade Kit.png
Floro500.png Floro500 FloroRifle.png Floro Rifle RpgFloro.png RPG Floro
Lunar Upgrade Kit.png
MoonCannon.png Moon Cannon MoonDestroyer.png Moon Destroyer MoonMaker.png Moon Maker
Predator Upgrade Kit.png
Predator.png Predator PredatorianBlaster.png Predatorian Blaster Predigun.png Predigun
Light Upgrade Kit.png
LightBlaster.png Light Blaster LightIron.png Light Iron LightSpark.png Light Spark
Golden Upgrade Kit.png
GoldBringer.gif Gold Bringer GoldenFury.gif Golden Fury GolderBomber.gif Golder Bomber
Smiley Upgrade Kit.png
BlissfulBlast.png Blissful Blast HappyHaunter.png Happy Haunter SmileBlaster.png Smile Blaster
Seaside Upgrade Kit.png
AquaMagnum.png Aqua Magnum Seaocron.png Sea-O-Cron WaterBallonBomber.png Water Balloon Bomber
Rocky Upgrade Kit.png
Boulder.png Boulder Fragment.png Fragment Mineral.png Mineral
Lelyetian Upgrade Kit.png
HiveBlaster.png Hive Blaster HiveCracker.png Hive Cracker Hiver.png Hiver
Haunted Upgrade Kit.png
Skullette.png Skullette Skullifact.png Skullifact SkulloBlaster.png Skullo Blaster
Clown Upgrade Kit.png
Clownershot.png Clownershot Clownimator.png Clownimator ClownoPulse.png Clowno Pulse
Darkly Upgrade Kit.png
DarkBeastWeapon.png Dark Beast Darkener.png Darkener DarklyGuster.png Darkly Guster
Weapon Parts.png
Weapon Parts
Artifact.png Artifact DischargeSniper.png Discharge Sniper MarkMaker.png Mark Maker
Megagun.png Megagun Roulette.png Roulette Blast Cannon.png Blast Cannon
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