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The following page is based on the 1.7.10 version of the mod.
This feature was removed in the 1.12.2 version.

Vulcanism is a skill themed around getting revenge.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In order to train Vulcanism, the player needs a Vulcane. Vulcanes can be gotten from Immortallis.

When the player is being attacked by mobs, the Vulcanism Active.png icon may appear (next to the Rage bar). When this happens, right-click the Vulcane to deal damage to your last attacker and get Vulcanism experience.

Leveling up Vulcanism increases the vulcane's damage and unlocks augments that can be given to the Vulcane. Each augment gives the Vulcane a different effect.

The damage increment is described in the table below:

Vulcanism Level Damage Multiplier
1 1.0x
10 1.1x
20 1.2x
30 1.3x
40 1.4x
50 1.6x
60 1.8x
70 2.0x
80 2.15x
90 2.3x
96 2.5x

The level requirements for using augments are:

Augument Level Requirement Effect
Vulcane Augment Fire.png Fire Lv10 Sets revenge target on fire
Vulcane Augment Impairment.png Impairment Lv20 Impairs revenge target
Vulcane Augment Poison.png Poison Lv30 Poisons revenge target
Vulcane Augment Power.png Power Lv40 Weakens revenge target
Vulcane Augment Wither.png Wither Lv50 Withers revenge target
Vulcane Augment Equality.png Equality Lv65 Heals 3 hearts on use
Vulcane Augment Battle.png Battle Lv80 Increases Vulcane max damage from 25 to 50