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Vulcanes are revenge weapons. To use a Vulcane, the player has to right-click it when the Vulcanism Active.png lights up (it appears next to the Battle Rage meter).

List of Vulcanes[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of Vulcanes in the mod. They are sorted in alphabetical order.

Name Damage Durability Tooltip Effect Augment Required Version
Vulcane.png Vulcane 10 (Heart.png×5) 300 Trade with Dungeon Keeper. 2.4
Battle Vulcane.png Battle Vulcane 25 (Heart.png×12.5) 150 Battle Augment.png Battle 2.4
Equality Vulcane.png Equality Vulcane 15 (Heart.png×7.5) 200 Heals 3 hearts when activated Equality Augment.png Equality 2.4
Fire Vulcane.png Fire Vulcane 15 (Heart.png×7.5) 200 Sets targets on fire Fire Augment.png Fire 2.4
Impairment Vulcane.png Impairment Vulcane 15 (Heart.png×7.5) 200 Slows targets Slowness III (4 seconds) Impairment Augment.png Impairment 2.4
Poison Vulcane.png Poison Vulcane 15 (Heart.png×7.5) 200 Poisons targets Poison I (3 seconds) Poison Augment.png Poison 2.4
Power Vulcane.png Power Vulcane 15 (Heart.png×7.5) 200 Weakens targets Weakness I (5 seconds) Power Augment.png Power 2.4
Wither Vulcane.png Wither Vulcane 15 (Heart.png×7.5) 200 Withers targets Wither I (5 seconds) Wither Augment.png Wither 2.4