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Health 2000 (Heart.png×1000)
Damage Melee: 30 (Heart.png×15)

Ranged: 25 (Heart.png×12.5)

Environment Vox Ponds
Hostility Aggressive
Version 1.1
Living Sound
Hurt Sound
Death Sound
Boss Music
Item (Quantity) Rate
Toxin Bow.png Toxin Bow 25%
Vile Vanquisher.png Vile Vanquisher 25%
Sludge Sniper.png Sludge Sniper 25%
Noxious Staff.png Noxious Staff 25%

Voxxulon (also known as The Unknown) is the only boss in Vox Ponds. Voxxulon is very powerful and can easily kill players who aren't properly equipped to fight him.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Voxxulon can be spawned by right-clicking a Vile Stone on a Voxxulon Altar. He will despawn if the player gets too far away from him or if the difficulty is set to Peaceful.

Voxxulon can also be spawned using /summon nevermine.Voxxulon.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Voxxulon has a 25% chance to drop one of his four weapon drops: the Toxin Bow, Noxious Staff, Vile Vanquisher and Sludge Sniper. He will always drop one of these weapons when killed, and will always drop his statue 100% of the time. None of these drops can be increased with the Looting enchantment. He will also always drop 3 XP orbs upon death.

Voxxulon's drops are exclusive. That means you will get only 1 of all possible items per kill.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Voxxulon is immune to knockback and will remain stationary during the whole fight. If Voxxulon is within 60 blocks of the player, there is a 1 in 200 chance (every tick) he will teleport into where the player is standing, dealing massive melee damage.

If the player is within 30 blocks of him, there is a 10% chance (every tick) that Voxxulon will spawn in several powerful meteors. The meteors can deal a lot of damage, and will explode upon contact with the ground, which can boost the player in the air. The closer the player is to Voxxulon, the chance of getting hit by a meteor gets bigger. Voxxulon will always spawn in these meteors at least 25 blocks above him and will spawn them in 1-8 blocks around him.

If the player is within 40 blocks of Voxxulon, he has a 1 in 200 chance (every tick) to inflict either a strong Poison V or Slowness V debuff to the player that lasts for 5 seconds. He has the attributes of Bow and Gun Immunity.

If Voxxulon is knocked up into the air, he will stay in the air.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

It is recommended to bring a Gravitator, as his meteors will knock you high into the air. Covering up the nearby poison ponds are recommended for the same reason. It is a good idea to bring a Kaiyu Staff to prepare for teleport attacks. Be sure to have a good way of regenerating/healing, because Voxxulon can easily kill a player, even with fully enchanted protection 4 armor. Try to stay as further as possible from Voxxulon in order to not be hit by the meteors.

It is also recommended to circle around him in order to dodge the meteors and to make sure Voxxulon doesn't attempt to teleport onto you

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Voxxulon's Noxious Staff drop is the ultimate weapon against Cotton Candor. This makes Voxxulon a very good boss to fight.
  • Voxxulon's Boss Music is the shortest, lasting for only 7 seconds.