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Removed features

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This page documents feature(s) that are no longer part of the mod.
These features only existed in outdated versions of Advent of Ascension.

The following article lists all of the removed features in the mod. These were features that existed at one point but were removed later.

Removed blocks[edit | edit source]

Celevus Planks and Shroom Planks[edit | edit source]

Celevus Planks and Shroom Planks are types of wood planks that existed in the mod at one point before being removed.

Shroom Planks were added in version 2.0 of the mod, while Celevus Planks were added in 2.4. Celevus Planks were crafted from Celeve Stems while Shroom Planks were crafted out of the Mushroom blocks in Mysterium. There were five different colors of shroom planks, one for each mushroom color in Mysterium.

Celevus Planks and Shroom Planks otherwise shared all the same properties as the other wood planks in the mod.

They were removed in an unknown version.

Removed items[edit | edit source]

Portal blueprints and portals[edit | edit source]

Prior to version 2.0, there was a different way to get to dimensions instead of the Ancient Teleporter. Portals to the dimensions would instead spawn naturally in the world. These portals could then be recreated elsewhere by using special blueprints, which were then dropped off of the rare mobs in the dimensions.

  • The Haven portal spawned high in the sky above Extreme Hills biomes in the Overworld.
  • The Abyss portal spawned in the Nether.
  • The Precasia portal spawned underground in Jungle biomes in the Overworld.
  • The Mysterium portal spawned in Taiga biomes in the Overworld.
  • The Iromine portal spawned in the Deeplands.
  • The Deeplands portal spawned underground in the Overworld.
  • The Gardencia portal spawned in Precasia.
  • The L'Borean portal spawned in Gardencia.
  • The Barathos portal spawned in Runandor.
  • The Dustopia portal spawned in Greckon.
  • The Vox Ponds portal spawned in Gardencia.

Lunalus also had a blueprint, and there were two blueprints for the Greckon/Runandor portal.

Cannon dust[edit | edit source]

Darkstone Dust

In version 1.0, cannons required different kinds of dust as ammunition in order to be fired. One such example is "Darkstone Dust" (see image right). These dusts were removed and replaced with Cannonballs and Grenades.

Upgradable swords[edit | edit source]

In version 1.0, there existed three swords that were the result of upgrading a sword with an Upgrade Kit. These include the Ancient Crystallite Sword, Precasian Bloodstone Sword, and Skeletal Nether Sword. These swords behaved exactly the same as their un-upgraded counterparts, they only looked visually different.

Beginner swords[edit | edit source]

Several "beginner" swords and greatblades were added in the 2.5 Snapshot. The new developer has since confirmed they are not coming back mainly due to balancing issues.

For documentation purposes, the weapons and their stats are listed here.


Weapon Damage Secondary effect
Diamondhead Sword.png Diamondhead Sword 17 (Heart.png×8.5) 2% chance to fully heal player on hit
Divinity Sword.png Divinity Sword 9 (Heart.png×4.5) Kept on death by default
Slowstone Sword.png Slowstone Sword 7 (Heart.png×3.5) Quintuple damage to slowed enemies
Terrestrial Sword.png Terrestrial Sword 9 (Heart.png×4.5) 6 (Heart.png×3) damage to nearby mobs
Witherstone Sword.png Witherstone Sword 7 (Heart.png×3.5) Quintuple damage to withering enemies


Weapon Damage Secondary effect
Burnblade.png Burnblade 6 (Heart.png×3) Quadruple damage to mobs on fire
Slowstone Greatblade.png Slowstone Greatblade 8 (Heart.png×4) Quadruple damage to slowed enemies
Terrestrial Greatblade.png Terrestrial Greatblade 7 (Heart.png×3.5) 6 (Heart.png×3) damage to nearby mobs
Witherstone Greatblade.png Witherstone Greatblade 7 (Heart.png×3.5) Quadruple damage to withering enemies

Demonic weapons[edit | edit source]

The Demon Bow and Demonic Destroyer were added in 1.1, presumably as a teaser for the "Angels and Demons" update. They were removed in version 2.0. The Angels and Demons update was eventually scrapped, and Scimiguy does not wish to comment on whether or not these items will make a return.

Weapon Damage Secondary effect
Demon Bow.png Demon Bow 15 (Heart.png×7.5) Increases damage over range
Weapon Damage Ammo Speed Secondary effect
Demonic Destroyer.png Demonic Destroyer 24 (Heart.png×12) Metal Pellet Fast Strong knockback

Demonic armor[edit | edit source]

Thermal armor[edit | edit source]

Calefaction armor[edit | edit source]

Elemental arrow[edit | edit source]

Skills and resource systems[edit | edit source]

Ancient Power[edit | edit source]

The Ancient Power resource bar (top: empty, bottom: full)

Ancient Power was the precursor to Energy. For the most part it was functionally identical to Energy, but it was also used as ammunition for Staves before Runes were added. Ancient Power was renamed to Energy, and restylized, around version 1.1 of the mod.

In version Tslat 1.1.3 and below, the Ancient Power icons can still be found on the Ancient Banner. However, in 3.0 the banner was re-textured and no longer has the icons.

Calefaction skill[edit | edit source]

Vitality[edit | edit source]

Other removed features[edit | edit source]

Freezing to death[edit | edit source]

Freezing to death was a game mechanic accompanied with Vitality. Whenever the Vitality meter dropped to zero, a screen effect that resembled ice would be placed on the player's screen and the message "You need to warm up!" would be displayed in the chat. The player would also slowly lose health while this was occurring. The only way to stop it is to engage in activities that would increase the Vitality bar, including consuming Tea, standing near a campfire, or by wearing a full set of Thermal Armor.

Freezing to death was removed shortly after its implementation due to its unpopularity.

Dimension Gen[edit | edit source]

Mysterium was more mountainous, with gigantic ravines going down (much like Overworld ravines). The older gen also had caves. The dimension was more natural than the current chunky generation. Was changed in 2.3.

  • Random Mystite Lamps could also be found generating around the dimension in 1.0 but were removed in the next update.

The Abyss was originally more flat but it had mountains that would hit block limit. Was changed in 1.1.

The Haven's gen was changed 3 times.

  • In 1.0 grass was lime green and the dirt was brown. Islands were also smaller and closer to the void.
  • In 1.1 to 2.3 the color of the grass was changed to cyan blue. Islands also got bigger.
  • In 2.4 the color of the dirt was changed to purple.

Precasia was flatter and generated Cycade Trees in 1.0.

Runandor was also more natural, with random spotches of land sticking straight up in places. Was changed in 2.3.

Unique skill master guis[edit | edit source]

Skill Masters used to have unique, colored guis individual to the skill master. Starting in 2.4, the guis were all replaced with a single gui that all Skill Masters share.