The mod developer has release a document detailing what could happen in regards to updating the mod to Minecraft 1.15. If you think the mod should or shouldn't update, check out the design document and vote in the poll at the bottom: here.


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I usually do maintenance tasks such as cleaning up articles, fixing categories and templates, etc. I also have a bot account (User:Sonicbot32), which is used to perform large amounts of repetitive tasks.

To-do list[edit | edit source]

Main page: Advent of Ascension Wiki:To-do list
  • Improving the category tree, many pages remain uncategorized (though they do have navbox templates)
  • Update XP drop amounts to 3.3+ values on hostile mob pages that have otherwise been updated (see /XP calculator)
  • Adding history sections to pages. Relevant info can be found by adding incategory:Versions to the search query or with the below search bar, and on

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