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User:EatingSilencerforBreakfast/Boss Spawners

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Boss spawners are items used to spawn bosses. Almost every boss in the game has a boss spawner dedicated to them.

List of Boss Spawners[edit | edit source]

Boss Spawner Spawns Boss Obtaining Usage Version Added
Troll Idol.png Troll Idol Smash 4 Rammerhead Hide, 2 Sticks, 1 Moondust, 1 Desert Shell Right-click anywhere in the Overworld. 1.0
Explosive Idol.png Explosive Idol King BamBamBam Dropped by Diocus. Right-click anywhere in the Nether. 1.0
Nethengeic Callstone.png Nethengeic Callstone Nethengeic Wither Dropped by Nethengeic Beast. Right-click anywhere in the Nether. 1.0
Heavy Boulder.png Heavy Boulder Rockrider Dropped by Terradon. Right-click on a Rockrider Shrine in the Haven. 1.0
Voliant Heart.png Voliant Heart Four Guardians Dropped by Voliant. Right-click on a Guardian Altar in the Haven. 1.0
Book of Shadows.png Book of Shadows Shadowlord Dropped by Shade, Apparition, and Web Reaper. Right-click on a Shadow Altar in the Abyss. 1.0
Staring Eye.png Staring Eye Elusive Dropped by Flesh Eater. Right-click on an Illusion Altar in the Abyss. 1.0
Ancient Orb.png Ancient Orb Skeletal Army Dropped by Kaiyu. Right-click on an Army Block in Precasia. 1.0
Shroom Stone.png Shroom Stone King Shroomus Dropped by Fungik, Fungat, Fungback and Fungung. Right-click anywhere in Mysterium. 1.1
Silvro Coin.png Silvro Coin Silverfoot Sold by Professor. Right-click on a Silverfoot Altar in Iromine. 1.1
Observing Eye.png Observing Eye Visualent Dropped by Visulon. Right-click on a Visualent Altar in Lunalus. 1.1
Boulder Dash.png Boulder Dash Kror Right-click a Charging Table with a Heavy Boulder and Primordial Dust. Right-click on a Kror Altar in the Deeplands. 1.1
Petals.png Petal Pile Vinocorne Right-click a Petal Crafting Station with a Small Purple Petal, Small Red Petal, Small Orange Petal, Small Blue Petal and Small Green Petal. Right-click on a Vinocorne Shrine in Gardencia. 1.1
Haunted Idol.png Haunted Idol Bane 5 Darkly Powders, 4 Primed Ghoulasm Right-click anywhere in Greckon. 1.1
Mega Rune Stone.png Mega Rune Stone Clunkhead 1 Red Mega Rune Fragment, 1 Blue Mega Rune Fragment, 1 Yellow Mega Rune Fragment, 1 Green Mega Rune Fragment Right-click on a Clunkhead Altar in Runandor. 1.1
Call of the Drake.png Call of the Drake Dracyon 1 Pure Coral Stone, 1 Pure Rain Stone, 1 Pure Water Stone Right-click on a Dracyon Altar in L'Borean. 1.1