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Miscellaneous items consist of items like: crafting recipes, ores, ingots, items used for trading at the NPCs, ammunition for weapons, and others.

Upgrade Kits[edit | edit source]

Ancient Upgrade Kit.png Ancient Upgrade Kit Precasian Upgrade Kit.png Precasian Upgrade Kit Nether Upgrade Kit.png Nether Upgrade Kit Runic Upgrade Kit.png Runic Upgrade Kit
Abyssal Upgrade Kit.png Abyssal Upgrade Kit Apoco Upgrade Kit.png Apoco Upgrade Kit Floro Upgrade Kit.png Floro Upgrade Kit Light Upgrade Kit.png Light Upgrade Kit
Predator Upgrade Kit.png Predator Upgrade Kit Lunar Upgrade Kit.png Lunar Upgrade Kit Golden Upgrade Kit.png Golden Upgrade Kit Weapon Parts.png Weapon Parts
Smiley Upgrade Kit.png Smiley Upgrade Kit Seaside Upgrade Kit.png Seaside Upgrade Kit Clown Upgrade Kit.png Clown Upgrade Kit Lelyetian Upgrade Kit.png Lelyetian Upgrade Kit
Haunted Upgrade Kit.png Haunted Upgrade Kit Rocky Upgrade Kit.png Rocky Upgrade Kit Darkly Upgrade Kit.png Darkly Upgrade Kit Millenium Upgrader.png Millenium Upgrader
Molten Upgrader.png Molten Upgrader

See specific pages for individual upgrade kit information.

Minerals[edit | edit source]

Amethyst.png Amethyst Jade.png Jade Limonite Ingot.png Limonite Ingot Rosite Ingot.png Rosite Ingot
Sapphire.png Sapphire Skeletal Ingot.png Skeletal Ingot Emberstone Ingot.pngEmberstone Ingot Mystite Ingot.png Mystite Ingot
Lyon Ingot.png Lyon Ingot Varsium Ingot.pngVarsium Ingot Elecanium Ingot.png Elecanium Ingot Blazium Ingot.png Blazium Ingot
Ghastly Ingot.pngGhastly Ingot Ghoulish Ingot.png Ghoulish Ingot Lunar Ingot.png Lunar Ingot Baronyte Ingot.png Baronyte Ingot
Runium Chunk.png Runium Chunk Charged Runium Chunk.png Charged Runium Chunk Rusted Iron Ingot.png Rusted Iron Ingot Shyrestone Ingot.png Shyrestone Ingot
Shyregem.png Shyregem Crystallite.png Crystallite Bloodstone.png Bloodstone Chestbone Fragment.png Chestbone Fragment
Footbone Fragment.png Footbone Fragment Legbone Fragment.png Legbone Fragment Skullbone Fragment.png Skullbone Fragment Gemstones.gif Gemstones
Crystal.gif Crystals Jewelyte.png Jewelyte Gemenyte.png Gemenyte Ornamyte.png Ornamyte

See specific pages for individual ingot information.

Tokens[edit | edit source]

Abyss Tokens.png Abyss Tokens Haven Tokens.png Haven Tokens Precasian Tokens.png Precasian Tokens Nether Tokens.png Nether Tokens
Mysterium Tokens.png Mysterium Tokens Dustopia Tokens.png Dustopia Tokens Borean Tokens.png Borean Tokens Deeplands Tokens.png Deeplands Tokens
Greckon Tokens.png Greckon Tokens Baron Tokens.png Baron Tokens Runandor Tokens.png Runandor Tokens Vox Ponds Tokens.png Vox Ponds Tokens
Gardencia Tokens.png Gardencia Tokens Iromine Tokens.png Iromine Tokens Lunar Tokens.png Lunar Tokens Lelyetia Tokens.png Lelyetia Tokens
Celeve Tokens.png Celeve Tokens Crystevia Tokens.png Crystevia Tokens Candyland Tokens.png Candyland Tokens Creeponia Tokens.png Creeponia Tokens
Shyrelands Tokens.png Shyrelands Tokens

See specific pages for individual gem information.

Misc Drops[edit | edit source]

Ghostly Powder.png Ghostly Powder Phantasm.png Phantasm Troll Skull.png Troll Skull Rune Stone.png Rune Stone
Nightmare Flakes.png Nightmare Flakes Amphibiyte Lung.png Amphibiyte Lung Doom Stone.png Doom Stone Sludge Parasite.png Sludge Parasite
Toxic Lump.png Toxic Lump Primordial Skull.png Primordial Skull Copper Coin.png Copper Coin Silver Coin.png Silver Coin
Gold Coin.png Gold Coin Lunaver Coin.png Lunaver Coin Fleshy Bones.png Fleshy Bones Dark Bones.png Dark Bones
Zhinx Dust.png Zhinx Dust Jungle Thorns.png Jungle Thorns Urka Hide.png Urka Hide Ice Crystal.png Ice Crystal
Rammerhead Hide.png Rammerhead Hide Desert Shell.png Desert Shell Mudball.png Mudball Rock Bones.png Rock Bones
Ivory.png Ivory Hive Chunk.png Hive Chunk Ghoulasm.png Ghoulasm Small Purple Petal.png Small Purple Petal
Small Blue Petal.png Small Blue Petal Small Green Petal.png Small Green Petal Small Red Petal.png Small Red Petal Small Orange Petal.png Small Orange Petal
Circus Coin.png Circus Coin Peppermint Candy.png Peppermint Candy Spearmint Candy.png Spearmint Candy Sour Candy.png Sour Candy
Sour Pop.png Sour Pop Gingerbread Cookie.png Gingerbread Cookie Gingerbread Wing.png Gingerbread Wing Candy Corn.png Candy Corn
Sour Gummy.png Sour Gummy Candy Cane.png Candy Cane Orbulon.png Orbulon Soulbone.png Soulbone

See specific pages for individual drop information.

Misc Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Coral Stone.png Coral Stone White Washing Solution.png Whitewashing Solution Magic Repair Dust.png Magic Repair Dust Pure Coral Stone.png Pure Coral Stone
Pure Rain Stone.png Pure Rain Stone Pure Water Stone.png Pure Water Stone Runic Energy.png Runic Energy Uncharged Orb.png Uncharged Orb
Primed Ghoulasm.png Primed Ghoulasm Uncharged Stone.png Uncharged Stone Mega Rune Fragments.gif Mega Rune Fragments Darkly Powder.png Darkly Powder
Blank Slab.png Blank Slab Unpowered Rune.png Unpowered Rune Charged Rune.png Charged Rune Cup.png Cup
MechaGear.png Mecha Gear Moonstone.png Moonstone Augments.gif Augments Lunarade Mug.png Lunarade Mug

See specific pages for individual ingredient information.

Food[edit | edit source]

Halycon Milk.png Halycon Milk Raw Ursa.png Raw Ursa Cooked Ursa.png Cooked Ursa Raw Chimera Chop.png Raw Chimera Chop
Cooked Chimera Chop.png Cooked Chimera Chop Lunarade.png Lunarade Tea.png Tea Fungal Tea.png Fungal Tea
Eye Candy.png Eye Candy Raw Furlion Chop.png Raw Furlion Chop Furlion Chop.png Furlion Chop Nature Melon Slice.png Nature Melon Slice
Natural Tea.png Natural Tea Hot Rod.png Hot Rod Fiery Chops.png Fiery Chops Raw Halycon Beef.png Raw Halycon Beef
Cooked Halycon Beef.png Cooked Halycon Beef Raw Charger Shank.png Raw Charger Shank Charger Shank.png Charger Shank Yeti Fingernails.png Yeti Fingernails

See specific pages for individual food information.

Fish[edit | edit source]

Finger Fish.png Finger Fish Pearl Stripefish.png Pearl Stripefish Limefish.png Limefish Sailback.png Sailback
Golden Gullfish.png Golden Gullfish Turquoise Stripefish.png Turquoise Stripefish Violet Skipper.png Violet Skipper Rocketfish.png Rocketfish
Crimson Stripefish.png Crimson Stripefish Crimson Skipper.png Crimson Skipper Sapphire Strider.png Sapphire Strider Candlefish.png Candlefish
Dark Hatchetfish.png Dark Hatchetfish Ironback.png Ironback Rainbowfish.png Rainbowfish Razorfish.png Razorfish

See specific pages for individual fish information.

Seeds[edit | edit source]

Chili Seeds.png Chili Seeds Mystic Shroom Seeds.png Mystic Shroom Seeds Lunaglobe Seeds.png Lunaglobe Seeds Lunacrike Seeds.png Lunacrike Seeds
Goldicap Seeds.png Goldicap Seeds Trilliad Seeds.png Trilliad Seeds Floracle Seeds.png Floracle Seeds Eye Bulb Seeds.png Eye Bulb Seeds
Lunalon Seeds.png Lunalon Seeds Holly Top Seeds.png Holly Top Seeds Rosidon Seeds.png Rosidon Seeds Tea Seeds.png Tea Seeds
Thorn Plant Seeds.png Thorn Plant Seeds Heart Fruit Seeds.png Heart Fruit Seeds Magic Marang Seeds.png Magic Marang Seeds Bubble Berry Seeds.png Bubble Berry Seeds

See specific pages for individual seed information.

Harvested Items[edit | edit source]

Eye Bulb.png Eye Bulb Holly Top Petals.png Holly Top Petals Floracle Sticks.png Floracle Sticks Trilliad Leaves.png Trilliad Leaves
Goldicap Petals.png Goldicap Petals Luna Globe.png Luna Globe Lunacrike.png Lunacrike Lunalons.png Lunalons
Rosidons.png Rosidons Mystic Shrooms.png Mystic Shrooms Tea Shreddings.png Tea Shreddings Chili Pepper.png Chili Pepper
Thorny Petals.png Thorny Petals Heart Fruit.png Heart Fruit Magic Marang.png Magic Marang Bubble Berry.png Bubble Berries

See specific pages for individual item information.

Ammunition[edit | edit source]

Metal Slug.png Metal Slug Limonite Bullet.png Limonite Bullet Cannonball.png Cannonball Discharge Capsule.png Discharge Capsule
Grenade.png Grenade Holly Arrow.png Holly Arrow Pop Shot.png Pop Shot Runes.gif Runes
Balloon.png Balloon Spreadshot.png Spreadshot

See specific pages for individual ingredient information.

Boss Spawners[edit | edit source]

Troll Idol.png Troll Idol Explosive Idol.png Explosive Idol Nethengeic Callstone.png Nethengeic Callstone Heavy Boulder.png Heavy Boulder
Ancient Orb.png Ancient Orb Voliant Heart.png Voliant Heart Staring Eye.png Staring Eye Observing Eye.png Observing Eye
Call of the Drake.png Call of the Drake Pedal Pile.png Petal Pile Hive Chunk.png Hive Chunk Primordial Dust.png Primordial Dust
Vile Stone.png Vile Stone Mega Rune Stone.png Mega Rune Stone Silvro Coin.png Silvro Coin Boulder Dash.png Boulder Dash
Shroom Stone.png Shroom Stone Haunted Idol.png Haunted Idol Book of Shadows.png Book of Shadows Guardian's Eye.png Guardian's Eye
Toy Gyrocopter.png Toy Gyrocopter Giant Crystal.png Giant Crystal Treat Bag.png Treat Bag Explosive Gem.png Explosive Gems
Ancient Ring.png Ancient Ring Bone Horn.png Bone Horn Gold Spring.png Gold Spring Warlock Gem.png Warlock Gem

See specific pages for individual spawner information.

Incomplete Weapons[edit | edit source]

Incomplete Mecha Archergun.png Incomplete Mecha Archergun Incomplete Mecha Bow.png Incomplete Mecha Bow Incomplete Mecha Cannon.png Incomplete Mecha Cannon Incomplete Mechanical Assault Rifle.png Incomplete Mechanical Assault Rifle
Incomplete Mechyro.png Incomplete Mechyro Incomplete Mecha Staff.png Incomplete Mecha Staff Waterlogged Coral Clogger.pngWaterlogged Coral Clogger Waterlogged Reefer.png Waterlogged Reefer
Waterlogged Aqua Cannon.png Waterlogged Aqua Cannon Waterlogged Coral Cannon.pngWaterlogged Coral Cannon Waterlogged Coral Archergun.png Waterlogged Coral Archergun

See specific pages for individual tool information.

Misc[edit | edit source]

Active Rune Stone.png Active Rune Stone Realm Travel Ticket.png Realm Travel Ticket Hydro Stone.png Hydro Stone Scream Shield.png Scream Shield
Infusion Stone.gif Infusion Stone Infusion Stone.gif Power Stone Essences.gif Essences Stone Bowl.png Stone Bowl
Heart Stone.png Heartstone Anima Stone.png Anima Stone Diamond Bowl.png Diamond Bowl Fragmented Anima Stone.png Fragmented Anima Stone
Blood Accumulator.png Blood Accumulator Starting Coin.png Starting Coin Progress Coins.gif Progress Coins Gravitator.png Gravitator
Impure Gold.png Impure Gold Pure Gold.png Pure Gold Return Crystal.png Return Crystal Skill Crystals.gif Skill Crystals
Dungeon Tokens.png Dungeon Tokens Strange Stones.gif Strange Stones Worn Book.png Worn Book Old Boot.png Old Boot

See specific pages for individual item information.