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This page contains content on features that may be included in a future update.
These features have been mentioned by Xolova on his Twitter or the forums, but have not been officially released yet.

This page is a list of content that has been revealed by Xolova through official sources to be included in upcoming versions of the mod. Note that the data on this page may be outdated. All future content is subject to change and is not guaranteed. Following Xolova's Twitter and Xolova's posts on the mod's Official Minecraft Forum Thread.

Update Schedule 2.5-2.7[edit | edit source]

A snapshot for 2.5 can be downloaded here.

Due to certain events, the 5 Dimension Update is being split up over a series of updates. (2.5-2.7). 2.5 will come out at an unknown date, 2.6 will come out less than 2 weeks later, and 2.7 will come out less than 2 weeks after that. A version number is included in bold to indicate what version the following content will be added:

*Note: You can access The Everland via the Creative Mode Menu, and using the portal block associated with it. To access any dimension, including Labricon, Ethereus and Playtopia, you can use Mystcraft mod with Advent of Ascension, and type /tpx ~, where ~ is the number of the dimension you wish to travel to.

Dimensions[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description
The Shyrelands.png The Shyrelands A world full of archways.

Will be added in 2.5.

The Everland.png The Everland Consists of many overgrown plants and jungle like-trees.

Will be added in 2.6.

Labricon.png Labricon A lab-themed dimension.

Will be added in 2.6.

Ethereus.png Ethereus A mangrove like dimension with a ghostly theme.

Will be added in 2.7.

Playtopia.png Playtopia A toy dimension.

Will be added in 2.7.

Biomes[edit | edit source]

New biomes have been announced to be added to some of the previous dimensions. Not all dimensions will get new biomes, because Xolova has stated that new biomes don't fit them.

Biome-specific mobs are planned for these biomes, but no info has been revealed regarding them.

All of the biomes will be added in 2.5. Xolova has stated that existing dimensions will not get new biomes after 2.5, mainly because he does not like the idea of changing existing dimensions too much.

Image Name Dimension From
Abyssal Shadow Forest.png Abyssal Shadow Forest The Abyss
Abyssal Eyelands.png Abyssal Eyelands The Abyss
Tall Precasian Forest.png Tall Precasian Forest Precasia
Precasian Fields.png Precasian Field Precasia
Precasian Desert.png Precasian Desert Precasia
Silvro Hills.png Silvro Hills Iromine
Iro-Tech Hills.png Iro-Tech Hills Iromine
Deep Fungal Cave.png Deep Fungal Cave The Deeplands
Deepshine Cave.png Deepshine Cave The Deeplands
Gardencian Marsh.png Gardencian Marsh Gardencia
Gardencian Fungal.png Gardencian Fungal Gardencia
Haunted Forest.png Haunted Forest Greckon
Greckon Skulls.png Greckon Skulls Greckon
Borean Bubble Forest.png Borean Bubble Forest L'Borean
L'Borean Reds.png L'Borean Reds L'Borean
Coral Forest.png Coral Forest L'Borean
Alien Forest.png Alien Forest Barathos
Rocky Mazus.png Rocky Mazus Barathos
Dustopian Plains.png Dustopian Plains Dustopia
Dustopian Marsh.png Dustopian Marsh Dustopia
Marshmallow Hills.png Marshmallow Hills Candyland
Chocolate Forest.png Chocolate Forest Candyland
Rock Candy Hills.png Rock Candy Hills Candyland

Biome Name Changes[edit | edit source]

Some of the old biomes are getting name changes.

  • The Abyss > Abyssal Void
  • Precasia > Precasian Forest
  • Iromine > Golden Hills
  • Deeplands > Deeplands Cave
  • L'Borean > Borean Ponds

Mobs[edit | edit source]

A few mobs have been shown in reveals:

(35+) structures and NPCs will get added, however it is unknown what version they will get added.

2.5 has been announced to add over 100 new mobs.

Image Description
Upcoming Mob.png A mob shown in a forum post.

Will be added in an unknown version.

Cuddlehugs.png The boss of Playtopia. He has a rampant form and is said by Xolova to "kill the player with love" (though this is probably not entirely true). His name is Cuddlehugs.

Will be added in 2.7.

Daemon.png The boss of Ethereus. His name is Daemon, The Ghost Lord.

Will be added in 2.7.

Evercron.png The boss of The Everland. Evercron gives off many screen effects, shoots projectiles and flies. His full name is Evercron, The Mystifier

Will be added in 2.6.

Dinobreed.png A new Dinosaur Breeder NPC that apparently spawns in Precasia.

Will be added in an unknown version.

Baroness.png Revival of the Baroness, a new boss for Barathos. She was originally supposed to be added in 1.1,

but was cut and replaced by the Hive King. Her name is Baroness The ArchWitch. She shoots out bombs, various projectiles and can teleport.

Will be added in an unknown version.

MechBot.png MechBot, a brand new boss for Iromine. He has been revealed in a YouTube video with a beta version of the mod. His full name is MechBot, The Fighter. He shoots explosive projectiles and jumps incredibly often.

Will be added in an unknown version.

Tyrosaur.png Tyrosaur, a brand new boss for Precasia. He has been revealed in a YouTube video with a beta version of the mod. His full name is Tyrosaur, Earthquake Creator. He creates earthquakes that injure players.

Will be added in an unknown version.

Upcoming Rock Creature.png A rock creature from an unknown place. Possibly from the Deeplands. It is possibly the Hammerrock from the below list since it has a head like a hammerhead shark, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Will be added in an unknown version.

Craexxeus.png Craexxeus, a very powerful late-game boss. His full name is Craexxeus, The Ancient of War.

Will be added in 2.5,

Klokwerk.png If Labricon is being added, then Klokwerk, one of three bosses in Labricon will be added.

Will be added in 2.6.

Pack.png Pack, the boss of the Leveled layer of Labricon.
Exo.png Exo, the boss of the Darkin layer of Labricon.
Blockhead.png Everland mobs

Will be added in 2.6.

Jack.png Playtopia mobs

Will be added in 2.7.

Stimulo.png Shyrelands mobs

Will be added in 2.5.

Dark Moon Mobs[edit | edit source]

The mobs of the upcoming Dark Moon Event exist in the files of the 2.5 Snapshot, but almost nothing is known about them. They can be seen below. It has been suggested that the mobs of Dark Moon will drop the realmstone to Playtopia, but nothing is confirmed. It is unknown what version these will be added in, but if the Playtopia theory is correct, then they will most likely be added in 2.7. Note that these are subject to change.

Clawhead Cyclosis Hellion Dolly
Clawhead.png Cyclosis.png Hellion.png Dolly.png
Limb Smiler Twinsy
Limb.png Smiler.png Twinsy.png

Ethereus Mobs[edit | edit source]

These will be added in 2.7.

Ethereal Knight Ethereal Wizard Etherspike Ghostbite
Ethereal Knight.png Ethereal Wizard.png Etherspike.png Ghostbite.png
Ghosteldon Ghosticus Resurrector Boo
Ghosteldon.png Ghosticus.png Resurrector.png Boo.png

Mobs of Unknown Origin[edit | edit source]

These will be added in an unknown version.

  • Radion
  • Executor
  • Ipolo
  • Magicyte
  • Coralacus
  • Water Wizard
  • Shadow Ancient
  • Hammerrock
  • Rock Wizard
  • Deceiver
  • Shadeus
  • Airstroke
  • Gravicus
  • Melonman
  • Stewhead

Beta Labricon Spawners

In the public beta, data for spawners in Labricon called "SpawnerAuctillian" "SpawnerIris" and "SpawnerUnisaur" were found. At the moment they spawn Fades as a placeholder mob. This implies that the Auctillian, Iris, and Unisaur are mobs that will be added to Labricon, but does NOT confirm it.

Pack and Exo[edit | edit source]

In the 2.5 Snapshot's files, there are two boss themes for two bosses that haven't been revealed yet. One is for a boss named "Pack", and the other is for a boss named "Exo". It has been suggested these might be the Leveled and Darkin Labricon bosses (seen above), but nothing was directly confirmed.

Weapons & Tools[edit | edit source]

A list of weapons and tools confirmed to be added. The update they will appear in appears next to the weapon:

LeveledGreatblade.png Leveled Greatblade (2.6) DarkinGreatblade.png Darkin Greatblade (2.6) EternalGreatblade.png Eternal Greatblade (2.6)
BowEternal.png Eternal Bow (2.6) BowDarkin.png Darkin Bow (2.6) DarkinArchergun.png Darkin Archergun (2.6)
DarkinDestroyer.png Darkin Destroyer (2.6) Leveler.png Leveler (2.6) Creator.png Creator (2.6)
ChainsawAnimated.gif Chainsaw (2.5) Shyre Sword.png Shyre Sword (2.5) God'sGreatblade.gif God's Greatblade (2.5)
Knight's Guard.png Knight's Guard (2.5) Light's Way.png Light's Way (2.5) Shyre Blaster.png Shyre Blaster (2.5)
Justice Bow.png Justice Bow (2.5) Shyregem Bow.png Shyregem Bow (2.5) Sunshine Bow.png Sunshine Bow (2.5)
Amplifier.png Amplifier (2.5) Sublimus.png Sublimus (2.5) Paralyzer.png Paralyzer (2.5)
Lightshine.png Lightshine (2.5) Shyre Staff.png Shyre Staff (2.5) Sky Staff.png Sky Staff (2.5)
Ultimatum Staff.png Ultimatum Staff (2.5) Soul Drainer.png Soul Drainer (2.5) Gemcracker.png Gemcracker (2.5)
Pickmax.png Pickmax (2.5) Slowstone Sword.png Slowstone Sword (2.5) Witherstone Sword.png Witherstone Sword (2.5)
Terrestrial Sword.png Terrestrial Sword (2.5) Diamondhead Sword.png Diamondhead Sword (2.5) Divinity Sword.png Divinity Sword (2.5)
Slowstone Greatblade.png Slowstone Greatblade (2.5) Witherstone Greatblade.png Witherstone Greatblade (2.5) Terrestrial Greatblade.png Terrestrial Greatblade (2.5)
Burnblade.png Burnblade (2.5)

Note that all information in the pages are subject to change.

Armor[edit | edit source]

A list of armor confirmed to be added. The update they will appear in appears next to the armor:

Knight'sArmorIcons.png Knight's Armor (2.5)

Note that all information in the pages are subject to change.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Robbery will be added in an unknown version.

Other[edit | edit source]

Other things that were mentioned. It is presumed that these will be added in 2.5.

Item Image Description
New Ancient Teleporter Blueprint Recipe OHUYYa0.png The Ancient Teleporter Blueprint will require Jade Ingots to craft.

Punishment for Flying[edit | edit source]

If the player flies during most boss fights, the god Krasaun will inflict Poison II on the player.

Spawn eggs[edit | edit source]

Spawn Eggs will be added in 2.5. In a public beta it was revealed that spawn eggs will look different from ordinary spawn eggs (using a seperate sprite), though this is subject (but unlikely) to change.

Other changes[edit | edit source]

  • The Realmstone drops will be rebalanced to some extent.
  • Glass will become harvestable using Silk Touch.

Cyberzon[edit | edit source]

Cyberzon is an upcoming cyber-themed dimension that will be added in a future update. A contest was announced on the forums for people to design content for Cyberzon. The dirt/ore/stone textures in the contest poster is confirmed to actually be Cyberzon's planned textures [1].

Mobs[edit | edit source]

No mobs are currently known, but one boss, Retrocon, has been named. A contest was announced for people to design their own mobs for Cyberzon.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quests are things that can be completed to achieve things. They were going to be added in 2.5 alongside Labricon, but do to changes in the update plan, they will now most likely be added in 2.6. For more information regarding quests, see Quests.

Angels & Demons[edit | edit source]

This update will add two dimensions and at least one boss. Much is unknown about this update, including the release plan.

The Angel dimension's planned name is Oshellus, and the Demon dimension will likely be called Democron. Xolova mentioned that Oshellus is virtually finished with regards to planned content, but Democron needs work.

Dimensions[edit | edit source]

Xolova has previously said that this update will add two dimensions, however it is unknown if it still follows the same plan.

Mobs[edit | edit source]

No non-boss mobs have been showcased for this update, however the boss Necromancer will be implemented in this update.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

The weapons Demonic Destroyer, Demon Bow and Demon Staff will be made obtainable in the update. It is unknown what other weapons might be added.

Armor[edit | edit source]

The Demonic Armor will be obtainable and functional in the update. It is unknown if there will be other armor sets.

Frostica[edit | edit source]

This update will presumably add a ice themed dimension, however not much else is known about it.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Currently there is one weapon on the wiki that will be released in the Frostica update.

SnowstormStaff.pngSnowstorm Staff

Note that all information on the page is subject to change.

Version Unspecified[edit | edit source]

These are updates that were announced or hinted at by Xolova, but are not yet revealed to be (or hinted at being) planned for a specific official update. Like any other future update these are subject to change and are not guaranteed.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

BulletBlaster.png Bullet Blaster Mystique.png Mystique VengenceStaff.png Vengence Staff

Note that all information in the pages are subject to change.

Dimensions[edit | edit source]

There are several more known dimensions that Xolova plans to add to the mod, but almost nothing is known about them. Major sources: a Minecraft Forum post and an old Twitter post.

These will supposedly come relatively soon:

- The Capricorn ("A jungle, of sorts." Possibly "a jungle that infinitely expands, where vines take over the normal world.")
- Serephvos ("Egyptian-themed")
- (The City of) Arathon
- Silentia (horror dimension)
- The Blackwood
- Shawdor
- Outpost-X
- Zelgum Mines

These will come in the distant future:

- Xax
- Eternal Isle

Briefly mentioned (future unknown):

- (Battle for) Galactico (A space dimension)
- (Night in) Neonon
- Steocrunk

Others[edit | edit source]

Other potential updates hinted at on the forums:

  • Backpacks
  • Aflora, the hinted boss for The Capricorn
  • Xolova has mentioned making vanilla coal/redstone generating in the mod's dimensions. It's unknown if he'll follow through with this plan.

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