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Unused features

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Reason: Some of the stuff on here would better be placed on removed features, as they existed once in the game but were removed later. This article should only cover content that never existed in the game at all.

Advent of Ascension has quite a few unused features. These were features that were going to be implemented but later went unused.

Unused features[edit | edit source]

Realmstone change mobs[edit | edit source]

Due to the realmstone changes that were planned, new mobs were made. They were never officially revealed, and are only known through looking in the mod's files.

  • Crop Monster - A mob that looks like an red Flower Face. Drops the Gardencia Realmstone when defeated. The code for this mob is stored with the Overworld mobs.
  • Darkling - A mob that drop the Vox Ponds Realmstone when defeated. It inflicts Poison and Wither on hit. Judging by its code, it would most likely be a rare mob for Mysterium.

A third mob that was supposed to bring Crystevia to the Overworld was hinted at by Xolova, but no such mob exists in the mod's files.

Unused textures[edit | edit source]

These textures exist in the game's files, but are unused:

Item Name Description
AxeEmberstone.png Hellstone Tools The Emberstone tools textures are copied twice in the mod's files, one set of which are called "Hellstone" tools. Quite possibly, Emberstone ore was referred to as Hellstone Ore early in development.
Bone Pellet (Unused).png Bone Pellet Unknown what this would've been used for. Possible ammunition for the Bone Blaster.
FlintBoneSteel (Unused).png Unused Flint and Steel textures exist in the mod's files. These include a "Bone Flint and Steel", "Fire Flint and Steel", and "Ice Flint and Steel". It's unknown what these would've been used for, possibly in early versions, you could build the portals and light them with the flint and steels.

Unused Dimension Iterations[edit | edit source]

Many dimensions have gone through design changes before becoming what they are currently. Some of these older dimensions existed in earlier versions of the mod:

  • Dirt and stone in the Haven was originally orange. The islands were also smaller.
    • In extremely early versions, the grass in the Haven was green instead of blue.
  • The Abyss was originally more mountainous, with mountains reaching build limit. The stone was also a different shade of red.
  • Mysterium was also more mountainous, with gigantic ravines going down (much like Overworld ravines). The older dimension also had caves. Random Mystite Lamps could also be found generating around the dimension. The dimension was more natural than the current chunky generation.
  • Runandor was also more natural, with random spotches of land sticking straight up in places.

Some dimension iterations were shown through reveals, bur have never been released:

  • Iromine had rings that generated in the sky. The dimension's foliage was also different.
  • Lunalus' trees were bushier.
  • The Deeplands was more enclosed.
  • Vox Ponds originally generated as a normal dimension with hills, as opposed to the flat dimension that it currently is. The toxic ponds generated like vanilla lakes, instead of chunks.

Other unused features[edit | edit source]

  • Deep cases were to be opened at a "case cracking station", instead of by mining them. Opening them would reveal uncharged parts that could be charged at a charging table to build items[2].
  • The player was going to be able to use a "special hoe" on Vinocorne as part of the boss fight.[3]
  • Some Zal were shown with different trades:[4]

References[edit | edit source]