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Unpowered Rune

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Unpowered Rune
Unpowered Rune.png
Version Added 1.1

Unpowered Runes are basic slate-items used for training Runation.

Information[edit | edit source]

Unpowered runes are the slates needed to make the more basic rune variants. In order to make unpowered runes, the player can craft them with Runium Chunks.

The player can then use the unpowered runes on a Rune Shrine to inscribe an element onto it. The player has to have a certain Runation level in order to inscribe certain elements into the runes. Any rune can be made with unpowered runes.

Unpowered runes can also be crafted into a Carved Rune of Power and be used on a Rune Randomizer.