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Version added 2.0

Tribute is a resource that involves performing certain activites ("giving tribute") in order to please the gods.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The tribute resource exists between energy and battle rage. Tribute is divided into four bars, each bar representing one of the gods in the mod. The bars start out gray and if the player gains tribute points, will become filled with color. Each bar is a different color:

  • The top bar is colored green, representing Selyan.
  • The second to top bar is colored blue, representing Luxon.
  • The second to bottom bar is colored red, representing Erebon.
  • The bottom bar is colored yellow, representing Pluton.

Filling the bars[edit | edit source]

In the Overworld, the Ancient Cavern, and Immortallis, the bars will be empty, and the player will be able to fill them in different ways for each dimension. In any other dimension (including dimensions from other mods) the bars are empty and cannot be filled, and tribute must be "transferred" from the Overworld.

Any progress made filling the bars will be reset if the player changes dimensions while filling them.

Sleeping in beds will reset the player's tribute. This occurs immediately after entering the bed, even if the player leaves it before sleeping. If the bed cannot be entered for any reason, the player's tribute will be unaffected.

Overworld[edit | edit source]

In the overworld, the bars are filled by repeatedly performing certain activities. The bars will only fill if the player has performed the activities during the day. The activities needed to fill the bars are listed below. Note that some bars will actually go down if the player performs other activities. All bars will also reset if the player dies.

  • Selyan - To fill the green bar, the player must harvest at least 100 crops.
  • Luxon - To fill the blue bar, the player must use at least 50 essences on an ascension shrine (essence type doesn't matter), or capture pixons with a stone bowl. The blue bar will go down if the player defeats mobs with melee weapons.
  • Erebon - To fill the red bar, the player must defeat at least 50 mobs with melee weapons.
  • Pluton - To fill the yellow bar, the player must acquire drops from foraging or logging, or harvest 100 items from an extraction device. The amount of items harvested from foraging/logging depends on the player's level:
Level Items required
1-10 20
11-20 23
21-30 25
31-40 26
41-50 34
51-60 40
61-70 50
71-80 67
81-90 100
91-100 200

If the player manages to fill a bar before nightfall, the player will be rewarded with a buff, which will last until night ends. The buffs the player can receive are listed below. It is possible to receive more than one buff per night.

  • Selyan - Filling the green bar before nightfall will grant the player Speed I.
  • Luxon - Filling the blue bar before nightfall will grant the player Invisibility.
  • Erebon - Filling the red bar before nightfall will grant the player Strength I.
  • Pluton- Filling the yellow bar before nightfall will grant the player Luck II.

In addition to the above rewards, if the player can get all of the bars to be at least halfway full or more before night, the player will be given a Night Vision buff from Krasaun.

The bars will reset after night.

Ancient Cavern[edit | edit source]

In the Ancient Cavern, the bars are filled by defeating the mob from the dimension that belongs to the same god as the bar.

Filling the tribute bars in the Ancient Cavern will award the player the same buffs the player can receive in the Overworld. Additionally, it is required to do so to fight the Ancient Cavern's bosses.

Immortallis[edit | edit source]

In Immortallis, the bottom two bars are used to keep track of the player's progress in the dimension.

The yellow bar is filled by placing Impure Gold or Pure Gold into a Gold Accumulator or a Pure Gold Accumulator respectively. Impure gold will only fill the bar up halfway (after this point, it will stop filling up the bar), while pure gold will fill the bar up completely. During the player's run of Immortallis, the player will normally insert 5 impure gold and 5 pure gold to get the bar filled. Once the bar is filled, the player will be inflicted with Haste III.

The red bar is filled up by killing skelekytes, skeledons, urvs, ghastus', or visages. Skelekytes and skeledons will only fill the bar up halfway (after this point, it will stop filling up the bar), while the other mobs will fill up the bar completely. During the player's run of Immortallis, the player will normally defeat 50 mobs total, including 25 skelekytes/skeledons and 25 urvs/ghastus'/visages. Once the bar is filled, the player will be inflicted with Strength.

The green and blue bars can not be filled in Immortallis.

Other dimensions[edit | edit source]

When the player enters a dimension with a full tribute bar, and it is night in the Overworld, they will be given the tribute buff for an amount of time equivalent to the remainder of time left in the Overworld's night. If the player does the same in the day, they get no buffs and the tribute is wasted.

This occurs for all dimensions, including the dimensions added by this mod, the Nether, the End, and any dimensions added by other mods.

As of version 3.0.2, due to an oversight it also works for the Ancient Cavern or Immortallis, but this is not intended.[citation needed]