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Treat Bag

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Treat Bag
Treat Bag.png
Version Added 2.3

The Treat Bag is an item added in 2.3. It can be crafted from 1 of every Candyland candy type. The Treat Bag can be used on a Candy Block to summon Cotton Candor.

Note: Candy Canes come from Cane Bugs a level 55 hunter mob. Thus the player cannot fight Cotton Candor until hunter level 55.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Spearmint Candy
Peppermint Candy
Gingerbread Cookie
Candy Cane
Sour Pop
Gingerbread Wing
Sour Gummy
Sour Candy
Candy Corn
Treat Bag
This recipe is shapeless; the ingredients may be placed in any arrangement in the crafting grid.