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Toy Merchant

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Toy Merchant
Health 30 (Heart.png×15)
Environment Celeve
Hostility Passive
Version 2.1

The Toy Merchant is a NPC that spawns in the Toy Towers in Celeve.

Trades[edit | edit source]

Circus Coin.png 20 Circus Coin = Toy Gyrocopter.png 1 Toy Gyrocopter

Circus Coin.png 1 Circus Coin = Balloon.png 64 Balloon

Circus Coin.png 5 Circus Coin = Confetti Cluster.png 1 Confetti Cluster

Circus Coin.png 20 Circus Coin = Party Popper.png 1 Party Popper

Circus Coin.png 30 Circus Coin = Balloon Bomber.png 1 Balloon Bomber

Circus Coin.png 45 Circus Coin = Bozo Blaster.png 1 Bozo Blaster

Circus Coin.png 60 Circus Coin = Show Staff.png 1 Show Staff