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Tools are items that are used for harvesting materials. Tools can be used in a variety of ways. When used, a tool's durability will start to deplete, and will disintegrate when it reaches zero durability. To prevent this, all tools can be repaired at a Mending Table with Magic Repair Dust or Magic Mending Compound. Two damaged tools of the same type can also be repaired by crafting them together. Additionally, certain tools can also be repaired by combining them with materials originally used to craft the item at an Anvil. (other than Sticks)

With the exception of the Limonite tools, all tools are equal or greater in harvesting level than their vanilla diamond counterparts.

To compare the tools in the mod to diamond, diamond tools have an efficiency of 8.

Pickaxes[edit | edit source]

Pickaxes are tools used to mine stone. All pickaxes in the mod are equal to, or better than a diamond pickaxe (except Limonite pickaxe), and therefore can be used to mine any of the ores found in the mod.

Amethyst Pickaxe.pngAmethyst Pickaxe Rosite Pickaxe.pngRosite Pickaxe Limonite Pickaxe.pngLimonite Pickaxe Jade Pickaxe.pngJade Pickaxe
Sapphire Pickaxe.pngSapphire Pickaxe Emberstone Pickaxe.pngEmberstone Pickaxe Skeletal Pickaxe.pngSkeletal Pickaxe Ornamyte Pickaxe.pngOrnamyte Pickaxe
Occult Pickaxe.png Occult Pickaxe Soulstone Pickaxe.png Soulstone Pickaxe Energistic Pickaxe.png Energistic Pickaxe Goofy Pickaxe.png Goofy Pickaxe
Gemcracker.png Gemcracker Pickmax.png Pickmax

See specific pages for individual tool information.

See Pickaxes for a comparison chart of all pickaxes.

Axes[edit | edit source]

Axes are tools used to mine wood. All axes in the mod (except Limonite axe) are equal to, or better than a diamond axe.

Amethyst Axe.pngAmethyst Axe Rosite Axe.pngRosite Axe Limonite Axe.pngLimonite Axe Jade Axe.pngJade Axe
Sapphire Axe.pngSapphire Axe Emberstone Axe.pngEmberstone Axe Skeletal Axe.pngSkeletal Axe Ornamyte Axe.pngOrnamyte Axe
Occult Axe.png Occult Axe Soulstone Axe.png Soulstone Axe Energistic Axe.png Energistic Axe Goofy Axe.png Goofy Axe
ChainsawAnimated.gif Chainsaw

See specific pages for individual tool information.

See Axes for a comparison chart of all axes.

Shovels[edit | edit source]

Shovels are tools used to mine dirt, sand, and gravel. All shovels in the mod (except Limonite shovel) are equal to, or better than a diamond shovel.

Amethyst Shovel.pngAmethyst Shovel Rosite Shovel.pngRosite Shovel Limonite Shovel.pngLimonite Shovel Jade Shovel.pngJade Shovel
Sapphire Shovel.pngSapphire Shovel Emberstone Shovel.pngEmberstone Shovel Skeletal Shovel.pngSkeletal Shovel Ornamyte Shovel.pngOrnamyte Shovel
Occult Shovel.png Occult Shovel Soulstone Shovel.png Soulstone Shovel Energistic Shovel.png Energistic Shovel Goofy Shovel.png Goofy Shovel

See specific pages for individual tool information.

See Shovels for a comparison chart of all shovels.