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Thorny Petals

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Thorny Petals
Thorny Petals.png
Version Added 2.2.5

Information[edit | edit source]

Thorny Petals can be obtained by harvesting a fully grown Thorn Plant, which is in turn planted by Thorn Plant Seeds obtained by trading with the Naturalist. Thorny Petals are used to trade with the Assassin. It is worth noting that the three items that the Assassin sells for Thorny Petals can also be purchased with Copper Coins, albeit in smaller quantities.

Usage[edit | edit source]

One Thorny Petals can be crafted into four Thorn Plant Seeds.


Thorny Petals.png 4 Thorny Petals = Slice Star.png 12 Slice Star

Thorny Petals.png 4 Thorny Petals = Chakram.png 12 Chakram

Thorny Petals.png 4 Thorny Petals = Vulkram.png 6 Vulkram