The Haven

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The Haven
The Haven.png
Prerequiste Dimension Overworld
Difficulty Medium
Controlled by Luxon
Dimension Text The light from the Haven nearly creeps through the portal.
Version Added 1.0
Portal Sound

The Haven is a heavenly sky-island dimension.

Overview[edit | edit source]

WARNING: Do not save and quit in this dimension. Due to a bug, doing so will cause the player to be dumped into the void upon returning to the Overworld.

The Haven is one of the easier dimensions in the mod, but do not underestimate the mobs there. They will easily knock you off the island. The Haven Realmstone.png Realmstone for this dimension is dropped from Goalbies and Magickes, both of which can be found in Extreme Hills biome in the Overworld. Players that visit the Haven are given a Regeneration II buff from Luxon, but this is currently bugged and will do absolutely nothing.

What to bring[edit | edit source]

Gravity Blaster.png Moonlight Staff.png - The risk of falling into the Void is great, so bringing items such as a Gravity Blaster or Moonlight Staff can prove to be a lifesaver in certain situations. The monsters of the Haven are very capable of knocking players off the island. The player can also fall off on their own as well.

Skeletal Archergun.png Blast Chiller.png Void Bow.png - Reliable ranged weapons are recommended. Volars and Voliants can fly, out of the reach of swords and greatblades. Just make sure, however, that these creatures are slain over land, as to prevent loss of loot.

Oak Wood.png Stone.png Mysterium Stone.png Shroom Planks.gif - Bring plenty of building materials. Connecting the islands by using bridges is never a bad idea, but be cautious if Volars and Voliants are about, as they can very easily knock unwary players into the void.

HunterAtt.png - At least Hunter level 45 is recommended. This is required to defeat Dawnlights.

If the player has already been to haven and has a lands of leleytia realmstone, they should bring the rock-bone armor.

Why come here[edit | edit source]

Gravitator.png - Gravitators can be collected by grinding Angelicas. These devices can prove to be quite useful in the Haven in terms of being knocked off the island or from not taking fall damage after killing an orbiter when you are caught in its orbit, as well as other dimensions such as the Nether, Lelyetia or Crystevia.

Lelyetia Realmstone.png Ancient Cavern Realmstone.png Realmstone Fragment 3.png - Realmstones to the Lands of Lelyetia and the Ancient Cavern can be obtained by slaying Surveyors, Seekers, and Automatons respectively. A Realmstone Fragment is also obtainable by grinding Sceptrons.

UtopianArmorIcons.png - The Utopian Armor set can be crafted by collecting Crystallite Ore from the islands, and it can prove to be very useful in dimensions that have plenty of water.

Generation[edit | edit source]

The landscape of the Haven is formed by many massive islands that float in the sky. The islands are considerably larger than those of Lunalus and Celeve, and thus provide less of a risk of the player falling into the void. Crystallite Ore veins can be found generating in huge veins. Trees with rainbow leaves, and rainbow plants dot the islands.

Blocks[edit | edit source]

Naturally Generating
Haven Grass.png Haven Grass
Haven Stone.png Haven Stone
Crystallite Ore.png Crystallite Ore
Oak Wood.png Oak Wood
Blue Haven Leaves.png Haven Leaves
Haven Grass2.png Haven Grass (foliage)
Haven Dales.gif Haven Dales
Daylooms.gif Daylooms
Generates in Structures
Crystallite Bricks.png Crystallite Bricks
Whitewash Bricks.png Whitewash Bricks
Haven Glass.png Haven Glass
Guardian Altar.png Guardian Altar
Rock Shrine.png Rockrider Shrine
Lab Brick.png Lab Brick
Leveled Brick.png Leveled Brick
Donut Lab Lamp.png Donut Lab Lamp
Dark Bricks.png Dark Bricks
Strike Rune Post.png Rune Post

Structures[edit | edit source]

The structures unique to The Haven are:

Strike Rune Shrine[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Rune Shrine

The Strike Rune variant of the Rune Shrine can also spawn in the Haven.

Mobs[edit | edit source]

The mobs in the haven all vary with their abilities. Many of the mobs in the Haven have the ability to fly. A few of them have the ability to move the player with force (levitate/gravitate etc). There are 11 hostile mobs in the Haven. Out of those 11, 1 spawns in a structure, 2 spawn inside the fragment temples, and only 1 is a hunter mob.

Hostile[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops Notes
Angelica.png Angelica Spawns naturally Gravitator.png Gravitator
Automaton.gif Automaton Spawns naturally The loot Automatons drop varies.

For more information, see here.

Dawnlight.png Dawnlight Spawns in Structure.png Dawnlight dungeons. Bubble Horn.png Bubble Horn Warning: HunterAtt.png This mob is a

Level 45 hunter mob.

MegaGuardian.png Mega Guardian Spawns in FragmentTemple.png Fragment Temples. Krasaun's Dawn.png Krasaun's Dawn
Orbiter.png Orbiter Spawns naturally Haven Gems.png Haven Gems
Rainicorn.png Rainicorn Spawns naturally Color Cannon.png Color Cannon, Light Upgrade Kit.png Light Upgrade Kits Utopian Banner.png Utopian Banners
Sceptron.png Sceptron Spawns in FragmentTemple.png Fragment Temples. Realmstone Fragment 3.png Realmstone Fragments, Fragment Banner.png Fragment Banners
Seeker.png Seeker Spawns naturally Lelyetia Realmstone.png Lelyetia Realmstones, Vortex Blaster.png Vortex Blaster
Surveyor.png Surveyor Spawns naturally Lelyetia Realmstone.png Lelyetia Realmstones, Minigun.png Minigun Light Upgrade Kit.png Light Upgrade Kits
Volar.png Volar Spawns naturally Haven Gems.png Haven Gems
Voliant.png Voliant Spawns naturally but is Rare.png rare. Voliant Heart.png Voliant Heart, Haven Realmstone.png Haven Realmstones RPG.pngRPG

See individual mob pages for more information.

Passive[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful drops:
Halycon.png Halycon Spawns naturally Raw Halycon Beef.png Halycon Beef

See individual mob pages for more information.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Trades:
AuguryMaster.png Augury Master Spawns naturally AuguryArmorIcons.png Augury Armor
Expedition Master.png Expedition Master Spawns naturally ExpeditionArmorIcons.png Expedition Armor
HermetismMaster.png Hermetism Master Spawns naturally HermetismArmorIcons.png Hermetism Armor
LottomanHaven.png Twinkling Lottoman Spawns in Structure.png Haven fountains. Giga Cannon Totem.png Giga Cannon Totem and Purple Punisher Totem.png Purple Punisher Totem

See individual mob pages for more information.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops:
FourGuardians.png Four Guardians Spawned by using a Voliant Heart.png Voliant Heart on a Guardian Altar.png Guardian Altar located on top of Guardian's Tower. Guardian's Sword.png Guardian's Sword, Bayonette Rifle.png Bayonette Rifle, Red Rocket.png Red Rocket, and Eradicator.png Eradicator
Rockrider.png Rockrider Spawned by using a Heavy Boulder.png Heavy Boulder on a Rockrider Shrine.png Rockrider Shrine located on Rockrider Boulders. Rockbasher Sword.png Rockbasher Sword, Rock-Pick Sword.png Rock-Pick Sword, Jack Rocker.png Jack Rocker, and Long Shot.png Long Shot

See individual boss pages for more information.

Tips for Hunting Mobs and Exploring the Haven[edit | edit source]

  • The Four Guardians cannot be confronted without killing a Voliant, which can be really frustrating at times due to the fact that they're rare and their heart cannot be collected if they're flying over the Void. A Skeletal Archergun or similar weapon is recommended when taking them out from on land.
  • When fighting the Four Guardians, be wary that they can easily fall off the tower. They can then proceed to despawn, or fall into the Void.
  • Halycons cannot be bred and don't follow the "rules" for (de-)spawning like normal cows. If you see a Halycon, it's sometimes best to kill it on sight.
  • Gravitator.png Use the Gravitator to take advantage of Orbiters and Angelicas. You can cross large amounts of land by making these mobs follow you. Angelicas will lift you up (Useful for climbing up the Four Guardians's tower) and the orbiter will allow you to actually move.

Resources[edit | edit source]

The resources that are unique to the Haven are:

Misc Items Obtained From
AmbientIStone.png Ambient Infusion Stone Ambient Pixon
Ancient Cavern Realmstone.png Ancient Cavern Realmstone Automaton
Cooked Halycon Beef.png Cooked Halycon Beef Halycon (if killed while on fire)
Crystallite Stone.png Crystallite Stone Crystallite Ore
Gravitator.png Gravitator Angelica
Halycon Milk.png Halycon Milk Halycon
Haven Gems.png Haven Gems All Haven mobs excluding Automaton, Mega Guardian and Sceptron
Haven Realmstone.png Haven Realmstone Voliant
Lelyetia Realmstone.png Lelyetia Realmstone Seeker and Surveyor
Light Upgrade Kit.png Light Upgrade Kit Rainicorn and Surveyor
Magic Repair Dust.png Magic Repair Dust Twinkling Lottoman
Raw Halycon Beef.png Raw Halycon Beef Halycon
Realmstone Fragment 3.png Realmstone Fragment Sceptron
Seeds.png Seeds Giga Cannon Totem and Purple Punisher Totem
RuneStrike.png Strike Rune Rune Shrine
Voliant Heart.png Voliant Heart Voliant
Totems Obtained From
Giga Cannon Totem.png Giga Cannon Totem Twinkling Lottoman
Purple Punisher Totem.png Purple Punisher Totem Twinkling Lottoman
Guns Obtained From
Bayonette Rifle.png Bayonette Rifle Four Guardians
Bubble Horn.png Bubble Horn Dawnlight
Color Cannon.png Color Cannon Rainicorn
Dragilator.png Dragilator Automaton
Electinator.png Electinator Automaton
Eradicator.png Eradicator Four Guardians
Frosticator.png Frosticator Automaton
Germinator.png Germinator Automaton
Giga Cannon.png Giga Cannon Giga Cannon Totem
Jack Rocker.png Jack Rocker Rockrider
Krasaun's Dawn.png Krasaun's Dawn Mega Guardian
Krilinator.png Krilinator Automaton
Long Shot.png Long Shot Rockrider
Minigun.png Minigun Surveyor
Purple Punisher.png Purple Punisher Purple Punisher Totem
Red Rocket.png Red Rocket Four Guardians
RPG.png RPG Voliant
Vortex Blaster.png Vortex Blaster Seeker
Swords Obtained From
Guardian's Sword.png Guardian's Sword Four Guardians
Rockbasher Sword.png Rockbasher Sword Rockrider
Rock-Pick Sword.png Rock-Pick Sword Rockrider
Armor Obtained From
AuguryArmorIcons.png Augury Armor Augury Master
ExpeditionArmorIcons.png Expedition Armor Expedition Master
HermetismArmorIcons.png Hermetism Armor Hermetism Master
Craftables Crafting Ingredients
Crystallite Bricks.png Crystallite Bricks Crystallite Stones + Whitewash Bricks
Crystallanium.png Crystallanium Crystallite Stones
Crystallite Lamp.png Crystallite Lamp Crystallite Stones + Glowstone
Crystallite Sword.png Crystallite Sword Crystallite Stones + Sticks
UtopianArmorIcons.png Utopian Armor Crystallite Stones + Jade Ingots
Upgrade Kit Weapons Crafting Ingredients
LightBlaster.png Light Blaster Mind Blaster + Light Upgrade Kit
LightSpark.png Light Spark Soul Spark + Light Upgrade Kit
LightIron.png Light Iron Blood Iron + Light Upgrade Kit
Banners Obtained From
Fragment Banner.png Fragment Banner Sceptron
Lotto Banner.png Lotto Banner Giga Cannon Totem and Purple Punisher Totem
Utopian Banner.png Utopian Banner Automaton and Rainicorn

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Haven is the only dimension in Advent of Ascension to generate trees made of Oak Wood, and therefore the only dimension to generate trees without their own unique type of wood.
  • The Haven is also the dimension with the most guns, having 18 total.

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