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The Deeplands

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The Deeplands
Prerequisite dimension Overworld
Faction Pluton
Realmstone Deeplands Realmstone.png
Text A cool chill comes upon you as your feet start to feel wet.
Portal sound
Version 1.1

The Deeplands is a dark, subterranean cave dimension.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Deeplands is a mining dimension. The Deeplands Realmstone.png Realmstone for this dimension is dropped by Faceless Runners, Shades, Ghosts, Clowns and Tricksters, all of which spawn underground in the Overworld.

Generation[edit | edit source]

The Deeplands' landscape is almost entirely flat. It has parts from the ceiling that connect to the ground, and ores & traps generate in the ceiling starting from about layer 70. Players are able to mine for veins of Charged Runium Ores and collect good armor and weapons from Deep Cases.

Blocks[edit | edit source]

Naturally generating
Deep Rock.png Deep Rock
Deep Rock.png Deeplands Trap
Deep Crystal.png Deep Crystal
Black Mushroom.png Black Mushroom
Black Mushroom Stem.png Black Mushroom Stem
Skeletal Block.png Skeletal Block
Charged Runium Ore.png Charged Runium Ore
Deep Case.png Deep Case
MissingIcon32.png Dimensional Fabric
Deep Grass.png Deep Grass
Deep Blooms.png Deep Blooms
Deep Bulbs.png Deep Bulbs
Deep Vines.png Deep Vines
Generates in structures
Decayed Glass.png Decayed Glass
Charging Table.png Charging Table
Kror Altar.png Kror Altar

Structures[edit | edit source]

The structures that generate in the Deeplands are:

Charging Station[edit | edit source]

Charging Station
Charging Fountain (Bright).png
Structure Type Utility Structure
Version Added 1.1
Structure Id ChargingStation

Charging Stations are small structures composing of four water fountains and a Charging Table. Boulder Dashes can be created in these fountains - allowing you to challenge Kror once a Kror Pillar is found.

Kror Pillar[edit | edit source]

Kror Pillars
Kror Pillars.png
Structure Type Boss Structure
Version Added 1.1
Structure Id KrorPillars

The Kror Pillars are made of four pillars made of a pattern of Deep Rocks and Rusted Glass. In the center will lay a Kror Altar. As the name suggests, activating the altar by using a Boulder Dash will summon Kror.

Deep Lotto Shelters[edit | edit source]

Deep Lotto Shelters
Deeplands Lotto Structure.png
Structure Type NPC Structure
Version Added 1.1
Structure Id DeepLottoShelter

These are the Lottery structures of the Deeplands. They're small shelters that house a Lottoman who will trade your Deeplands Tokens.png Deeplands Tokens for Totems that may reward you with a Predatious Bow Totem.png Predatious Bow.png Predatious Bow.

Arocknid Cave[edit | edit source]

Arocknid Cave
Arocknid Cave.png
Structure Type Dungeon
Version Added 2.3
Structure Id ArocknidCave

These are the lairs which Arocknids can be found. They're small caves made completely of Deep Rocks, with an Arocknid spawner found in the middle.

Mobs[edit | edit source]

The mobs of the Deeplands all have a rocky theme. There are 9 hostile mobs in the Deeplands. Out of those nine, 1 spawns in a structure and is also a hunter mob.

Hostile[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful drops: Notes
Arocknid.png Arocknid Spawns in the Structure.png Arocknid Cave Wither Rune.png Wither Rune, Fire Rune.png Fire Rune

Silver Coin.pngSilver Coins

Warning: HunterAtt.png Requires a Hunter Skill of 68 to kill
CaseConstruct.png Case Construct Spawns naturally but is Rare.png rare Deep Case.png Deep Cases, Crystevia Realmstone.png Crystevia Realmstones
CaveCreep.png Cave Creep Spawns naturally Rock Bones.png Rock Bones
Doubler.png Doubler Spawns naturally but is Rare.png rare Skeletal Archergun.png Skeletal Archergun, Deeplands Realmstone.png Deeplands Realmstone Doublers passively Blind nearby players.
Dweller.png Dweller Spawns naturally Uncharged Stone.png Uncharged Stone, Iromine Realmstone.png Iromine Realmstone Deep Banner.png Deep Banners, Predator Upgrade Kit.png Predator Upgrade Kits Will frequently turn Invisible and put a clone in its place.

Clones will explode if you kill them.

Clones don't do anything and lose HP passively.

Nipper.png Nipper Spawns when a Nipper Deeplands Trap is broken None Very, very small!
Rockbiter.png Rockbiter Spawns naturally Rock Bones.png Rock Bones Deep Banner.png Deep Banners Predator Upgrade Kit.png Predator Upgrade Kits These mobs are resistant to


RockCrawler.png Rock Crawler Spawns naturally Deeplands Tokens.png Deeplands Tokens only
RockCritter.png Rock Critter Spawns naturally Ancient Cavern Realmstone.png Ancient Cavern Realmstone

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Trades:
ExtractionMaster.png Extraction Master Spawns naturally Extraction Armor Set.png Extraction Armor
Foraging Master.png Foraging Master Spawns Naturally ForagingArmorIcons.png Foraging Armor
LottomanDeeplands.png Rocky Lottoman Spawns in Structure.png Cave Fountains Predatious Bow Totem.png Predatious Bow Totem

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops:
KrorBig.png Kror Spawned by using a Boulder Dash.png Boulder Dash on a Kror Altar.png Kror Altar Subterranean Greatblade.png Subterranean Greatblade, Rocker Rifle.png Rocker Rifle, and Boulder Bomber.png Boulder Bomber

Resources[edit | edit source]

The resources obtainable from The Deeplands are

Misc. Items Obtained from
Charged Runium Chunk.png Charged Runium Chunk Charged Runium Ore
Deeplands Tokens.png Deeplands Tokens Deep Case and various Deeplands mobs
Wither Rune.png Wither Rune Arocknid
Fire Rune.png Fire Rune Arocknid.
Silver Coin.png Silver Coin Arocknid
Deep Case.png Deep Case Case Construct
Predator Upgrade Kit.png Predator Upgrade Kit Rockbiter and Dweller
Uncharged Stone.png Uncharged Stone Dweller
Iromine Realmstone.png Iromine Realmstone Dweller
Ancient Cavern Realmstone.png Ancient Cavern Realmstone Rock Critter
Deeplands Realmstone.png Deeplands Realmstone Doubler
Crystevia Realmstone.png Crystevia Realmstone Case Construct
Rock Bones.png Rock Bones Rockbiter and Cave Creep
Seeds.png Seeds Predatious Bow Totem
Totems Obtained From
Predatious Bow Totem.png Predatious Bow Totem Rocky Lottoman
Guns Obtained From
Boulder Bomber.png Boulder Bomber Kror
Rocker Rifle.png Rocker Rifle Kror
Bows Obtained From
Deep Bow.png Deep Bow Deep Case
Predatious Bow.png Predatious Bow Predatious Bow Totem
Archerguns Obtained From
Skeletal Archergun.png Skeletal Archergun Doubler
Greatblades Obtained From
Subterranean Greatblade.png Subterranean Greatblade Kror
Armor Obtained From
SubterraneanArmorIcons.png Subterranean Armor Deep Case
ForagingArmorIcons.png Foraging Armor Foraging Master
Extraction Armor Set.png Extraction Armor Extraction Master
Craftables Obtained From
PredatiousArmorIcons.png Predatious Armor Rock Bones + Skeletal Ingots
Charged Rune.png Charged Runes Charged Runium Chunk
Upgrade Kit Weapons Obtained From
Predigun.png Predigun Minigun + Predator Upgrade Kit
Predator.png Predator Pulsator + Predator Upgrade Kit
Predatorian Blaster.png Predatorian Blaster Ghast Blaster + Predator Upgrade Kit
Banners Obtained From
Deep Banner.png Deep Banner Rockbiter and Dweller
Lotto Banner.png Lotto Banner Predatious Bow Totem

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