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The following page is based on the 1.7.10 version of the mod.
This feature was removed in the 1.12.2 version.
Renewable Yes (all but Tablet of Peace and Tablet of Airhopping)
No (Tablet of Peace and Tablet of Airhopping)
Stackable No
ID See table below.

Tablets are utility items that consume soul power, which will grant either useful buffs or other beneficial actions for the player upon being used. They can only be used if the player has the correct Anima level, and enough Soul Power.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

All tablets are obtained by crafting them. Tablets are crafted out of eight moondust plus one other item in the center. See the tablet chart below for individual tablet recipes.

Usage[edit | edit source]

In order to use a tablet, two requirements must be met: the player's Anima level has to be high enough, and the player must have enough soul power to use the specified tablet. If both of these requirements are met, the player can use the tablet by pressing use while holding the tablet. Upon being used, the tablet will grant a beneficial buff or other action to the player, and remove the needed amount of soul power from the player's bar. If the player does not have the required anima level and/or soul power, attempting to use a tablet will do nothing.

The amount of soul power that a tablet requires will be cut in half if the player wears a full set of Anima Armor.

Tablets have no durability and are not consumed upon use, thus they can be used indefinitely.

Types[edit | edit source]

There are two types of tablets in-game, distinguishable by their appearance: tablets that grant status effects and tablets that perform instantaneous actions. Tablets that inflict status effects are square-shaped, while instant-action tablets are more rounded.

Status effect tablets[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Status Effect Anima Level Req Soul Power Cost Recipe Item Id Version Added
Tablet of Agility.png Tablet of Agility Speed III (2:00)
Jump Boost III (2:00)
Level 75 10 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Alacrity Boots nevermine:TabletOfAgility 1.0
Tablet of Combat.png Tablet of Combat Strength I (2:00)
Resistance III (2:00)
Level 85 10 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Bloodstone Sword nevermine:TabletOfCombat 1.0
Tablet of Divine Intervention.png Tablet of Divine Intervention Resistance (0:15) Level 80 6 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Runic Helmet nevermine:TabletOfDivineIntervention 2.1
Tablet of Fire Resistance.png Tablet of Fire Resistance Fire Resistance I (2:00) Level 20 9 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Infernal Chestplate nevermine:TabletOfFireResistance 1.0
Tablet of Fury Mining.png Tablet of Fury Mining Haste III (3:00) Level 30 10 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Emberstone Pickaxe nevermine:TabletOfFuryMining 1.0
Tablet of Gills.png Tablet of Gills Water Breathing I (2:00) Level 5 6 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Coral Stone nevermine:TabletOfGills 1.0
Tablet of Gravity.png Tablet of Gravity Jump Boost V (3:00) Level 10 8 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Gravity Blaster nevermine:TabletOfGravity 1.0
Tablet of Invisibility.png Tablet of Invisibility Invisibility I (2:00) Level 1 5 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Ghostly Powder nevermine:TabletOfInvisibility 1.0
Tablet of Night Vision.png Tablet of Night Vision Night Vision I (3:00) Level 1 8 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Blaze Rod nevermine:TabletOfNightVision 1.0
Tablet of Regeneration.png Tablet of Regeneration Regeneration III (2:00) Level 45 10 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Rejuvenation Staff nevermine:TabletOfRegeneration 1.0
Tablet of Resistance.png Tablet of Resistance Resistance II (4:00) Level 35 9 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Rammerhead Hide nevermine:TabletOfResistance 1.0
Tablet of Speed.png Tablet of Speed Speed V (3:00) Level 25 7 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Speed Boots nevermine:TabletOfSpeed 1.0
Tablet of Strength.png Tablet of Strength Strength I (3:00) Level 50 10 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Horizon Maul nevermine:TabletOfStrength 1.0

Instant effect tablets[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect Anima Level Req Soul Power Cost Recipe Item Id Version Added
Tablet of Airhop.png Tablet of Airhopping Jump Boost (0:05) Level 7 1 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Alacrity Helmet nevermine:TabletOfAirhopping 2.1
Tablet of Creation.png Tablet of Creation Sets Creation to full Level 38 9 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Empty Slab nevermine:TabletOfCreation 2.1
Tablet of Debuff.png Tablet of Debuffing Clears all debuffs from the player Level 13 6 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Goldicap Petal nevermine:TabletOfDebuffing 2.1
Tablet of Energy.png Tablet of Energy Sets Energy to full Level 18 3 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Luna Globe nevermine:TabletOfEnergy 2.1
Tablet of Health.png Tablet of Health Restores player to full health Level 28 5 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Eye Candy nevermine:TabletOfHealth 2.1
Tablet of Hunger.png Tablet of Hunger Refills hunger Level 58 9 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Furlion Chop (Cooked) nevermine:TabletOfHunger 2.1
Tablet of Peace.png Tablet of Peace Will delete all hostile mobs in a 10x10x10 radius centered on the player. Level 53 10 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Utopian Helmet nevermine:TabletOfPeace 2.1
Tablet of Vitality.png Tablet of Rage Sets Battle Rage to full *Note 1 Level 48 5 Soul Power 8 Moondust, 1 Lava Bucket nevermine:TabletOfVitality 2.1

History[edit | edit source]

Version Information
1.0 Added tablets. The tablets that existed were: Agility, Combat, Fire Resistance, Fury Mining, Gills, Gravity, Invisibility, Night Vision, Regeneration, Resistance, Speed and Strength.
2.1 Added more tablets, including introducing new shorter tablets. The new ones added include: Airhopping, Creation, Debuffing, Divine Intervention, Energy, Health, Hunger, Peace and Rage (then called Vitality).
Soul power cost on tablets can now be cut in half by wearing a full set of Anima Armor.
2.4 Tablet of Vitality renamed to Tablet of Rage.
Tslat 1.0 Tablet of Rage's tooltip corrected; it now says Rage instead of Vitality.
Tablets are no longer stackable.

Gallery[edit | edit source]