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Swords are short-ranged melee weapons that can attack quickly. By attacking an enemy while falling, a sword can deal a critical hit that increases the base damage by 1.5x. Swords deal melee damage. Most swords have an attack speed of 1.6, but there are some exceptions.

Enchanting[edit | edit source]

Swords can be given the following enchantments:

Bolded enchantments are ones added by Advent of Ascension. Any Sword added by the mod can be enchanted at an Enchantment Table, Anvil, or Infusion Table.

List of Swords[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of all Swords in the mod. They are grouped by the dimensional tier they can be obtained at. By default, the lists are in alphabetical order; the order can be changed by clicking the arrows at the top of the table.

Tier 0 (Overworld)[edit | edit source]

Name Damage Attack speed Durability Effects
Amethyst Sword.png Amethyst Sword 8.5 (Heart.png×4.25) 1.6 1200
Coralstorm Sword.png Coralstorm Sword 9 (Heart.png×4.5) 1.6 1700 Grants increased strength when in water
Holy Sword.png Holy Sword 1 (Heart.png×0.5) 4.8 1000 A holy token
Jade Sword.png Jade Sword 8 (Heart.png×4) 1.6 800
Limonite Sword.png Limonite Sword 6 (Heart.png×3) 1.6 400
Rosite Sword.png Rosite Sword 7.5 (Heart.png×3.75) 1.6 700
Sapphire Sword.png Sapphire Sword 11 (Heart.png×5.5) 1.6 1750
Troll-Basher Axe.png Troll-Basher Axe 13 (Heart.png×6.5) 1.6 1800 Also effective against wood
Void Sword.png Void Sword 11.5 (Heart.png×5.75) 1.6 1800 10% chance to briefly stun targets

Tier 1[edit | edit source]

Name Damage Attack speed Durability Effects
Baron Sword.png Baron Sword 13 (Heart.png×6.5) 1.6 1600 Has a 20% chance to do extra damage
Creepified Sword.png Creepified Sword 14.5 (Heart.png×7.25) 1.6 2000 10% to summon a Friendly Creeper on hit
Emberstone Sword.png Emberstone Sword 12 (Heart.png×6) 1.6 1800
Fireborne Sword.png Fireborne Sword 13 (Heart.png×6.5) 1.6 1630 Sets targets on fire
Legbone Sword.png Legbone Sword 13.5 (Heart.png×6.75) 1.6 2000 Poisons targets
Nethengeic Sword.png Nethengeic Sword 15 (Heart.png×7.5) 1.6 2040 Sets targets on fire
If target is immune to fire, withers them instead
Primal Sword.png Primal Sword 14 (Heart.png×7) 1.6 1960 Gains additional power the less armour the holder uses
Rock-Pick Sword.png Rock-Pick Sword 13 (Heart.png×6.5) 1.6 1950 Also effective against rocks
Skeletal Sword.png Skeletal Sword 11.5 (Heart.png×5.75) 2 2100

Tier 2[edit | edit source]

Name Damage Attack speed Durability Effects
Bloodfury.png Bloodfury 14 (Heart.png×7) 1.8 1770
Bloodstone Sword.png Bloodstone Sword 15 (Heart.png×7.5) 1.6 1800
Caramel Carver.png Caramel Carver 16.5 (Heart.png×8.25) 1.6 1900 Slows targets
Duration increases depending on number of nearby enemies
Crystallite Sword.png Crystallite Sword 15 (Heart.png×7.5) 1.7 1700
Explochron Sword.png Explochron Sword 16 (Heart.png×8) 1.6 1800 Explodes on hit
Guardian's Sword.png Guardian's Sword 16 (Heart.png×8) 1.6 2050 Right-click to consume a Crystallite Stone and charge the sword
Illusion Sword.png Illusion Sword 15.5 (Heart.png×7.75) 1.6 1900 10% chance to confuse the target into attacking another enemy
Rockbasher Sword.png Rockbasher Sword 17 (Heart.png×8.5) 1.6 2020 Enemies with armour cause an explosion on hit
Rosidian Sword.png Rosidian Sword 16.5 (Heart.png×8.25) 1.6 2000 Absorbs health from the target
Shroomus Sword.png Shroomus Sword 16 (Heart.png×8) 1.6 2030 Transfers negative effects from the wielder to the target on hit
Supremacy Sword.png Supremacy Sword 15.5 (Heart.png×7.75) 1.6 1810 Finishes off targets close to death
Sweet Sword.png Sweet Sword 16 (Heart.png×8) 1.6 1850 Very sweet
Ultraflame.png Ultraflame 16 (Heart.png×8) 1.6 2250 Sets all nearby enemies on fire

Tier 3[edit | edit source]

Name Damage Attack speed Durability Effects
Harvester Sword.png Harvester Sword 18.5 (Heart.png×9.25) 1.6 2400 Occasionally steals health from the target
Runic Sword.png Runic Sword 18.5 (Heart.png×9.25) 1.6 2450 Runes held in offhand can be channeled for additional effects
Channeling Rune power drains durability
Shadow Sword.png Shadow Sword 18 (Heart.png×9) 1.6 2300

Tier 4[edit | edit source]

Name Damage Attack speed Durability Effects
Candlefire Sword.png Candlefire Sword 18 (Heart.png×9) 1.6 2670 Sets targets on fire
Light's Way.png Light's Way 8.5 (Heart.png×4.25) 3.2 2700