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Advent of Ascension adds structures to the Nether and Overworld, as well as within the new dimensions.

Shared Structures[edit | edit source]

All Lottomen except for the Overworld and the Nether Lottomen have a spawn structure. These usually take form in a house in the corresponding dimension.

Rune Shrines can be found in many dimensions and consists of a Rune Shrine with a few Rune Posts surrounding it. The type of shrine varies depending on the dimension it spawns in and what posts are near the shrine. Rune posts are unbreakable by any normal means and therefore can not be transferred back to the Overworld normally.

Overworld Structures[edit | edit source]

  • Amphibiyte Caves

The Ambhibiyte Caves are randomly generated in the Oceans. Inside of the Caves the Amphibiytes spawn and you can spawn Corallus there by killing the Amphibiytes.

The ruined teleporter is a large broken down portal structure that generates underground in the Overworld. A corrupted traveller spawns in each teleporter.

Nether Structures[edit | edit source]

The Nethengeic Pits are randomly generated in the Nether. They can generate slightly in lava which can cause them to be a bit flooded with lava. Inside of the Nethengeic Pits is where the Nethengeic Beasts spawn.

Haven Structures[edit | edit source]

Guardians' Towers are randomly generated in the Haven. The Guardians' Tower is a very tall structure that you must climb and fight your way through the Haven's mobs to reach the top. On the top of the Tower is a Guardian Altar. The Guardian Altar is used to spawn the Four Guardians.

Rockrider Boulders are randomly generated in the the Haven. Rockrider Boulders are used to spawn the boss Rockrider.

Dawnlight Dungeons spawn in the Haven. The Dawnlights spawn inside this dungeon.

Abyss Structures[edit | edit source]

In the Abyss, the Illusion Tree spawns. This tree is much larger than the more common trees in the Abyss, making it easy to find. The Illusion Altars are hidden at the bottom of the tree, where the player can take on Elusive.

Jawe Huts are one of the many structures seen in the Abyss. It is the home to the brutal Jawes.

Flesh Temples are structures that randomly generate in the Abyss. Inside of the Flesh Temples are where Flesh Eaters spawn.

Shadowlord Platforms are structures made of Bloodstone Bricks. You can spawn the Shadowlord on it by using the Book of Shadows.

Precasian Structures[edit | edit source]

In Precasia, Underground Dens randomly generate below the surface (around y level 5). Inside of these dens is where either the Diocus, Spinoledon, or Iosaur spawn.

Inside of the Precasia dimension you can also find Kaiyu Temples. When entering a Kaiyu Temple be very careful because the Temples are overflowing with many deadly traps that can potentially kill you. At the very end of the maze in the Kaiyu Temple is where Kaiyus spawn.

A small nest structure where the mob Opteryx spawns.

The Skeletal Arena is a boss structure in Precasia. In it you can face the many difficult waves of the mighty Skeletal Army.

  • Tyrosaur Den

The Tyrosaur Den is an arena made out of different types of wood. The player can fight the boss tyrosaur here.

Mysterium Structures[edit | edit source]

  • Haunted Castle

Haunted Castles randomly generate in Mysterium. Haunted Castles consist of four floors. Banshees spawn on the first floor. The second floor is inhabited by Phantoms and Nightmare Spiders, and Undead Trolls spawn on the third floor.

  • Gorb Villages

The Gorb Engineer, Gorb Arms Dealer and Gorb Citizen inhabit the Gorb Villages. These villages can be found randomly inside of Mysterium.

  • Runic Dungeon

The player can find Runic Dungeons to battle the Runic Golems. They are relatively easy to find and can be found floating in the air.

  • Portal Tower

The portal tower can be found on the surface of Mysterium. On top of it, there is a Portal Master and the portals for Greckon and the Runandor.

  • Giant Mushroom

A giant mushroom that is hollow on the inside. Inside are Fungock spawners.

  • Spider Cave

A small den made of Mysterium Stone. Inside are spawners that spawn Mushroom Spiders.

Iromine Structures[edit | edit source]

  • Enforcer Towers

Throughout Iromine, you will see one of the many enforcer towers. Inside these towers are Enforcers, and an Iro Crate.

  • Professors Labs

Throughout Iromine, you will stumble upon some Professor's labs. These structures contain the mighty professor, who you can trade various Items with.

  • Mechyon Temples

In Iromine, you will see some Mechyon Temples. In these structures are the frightening Mechyons, and an Iro Crate.

  • Iro Passages

Deep underground, you will find the Iro Passage. Iro passages are the home to Enforcer, Mechyon, and an Iro Crate.

Almost floating in the air, Iro Mazes are large structures being held by a single pole. When completed, you will find a Silverfoot altar, upon which you can spawn the Silverfoot with a Silvro Coin.

  • MechBot Charging Station

The MechBot Charging Station is structure that contains four mechbot altars. The player can fight MechBot here.

Lunalus Structures[edit | edit source]

The Lunar Prison holds the prisoners X and Y.

Lunar Villages can be found in Lunalus. Many Zals can be found in the village. The Lunar Lottoman also spawns here.

Lunar Mazes are large, indestructible structures that contain a Lunar Enrichment Table at the end.

Lunar Creation Stations contain a Lunar Creation Table and eight Lunar Pads. You can craft many sci-fi and star themed weapons on the platform.

Space Arenas contain spawners for Baumba and Reflucts.

Zargs and Zorps are found at this structure.

The Observers Eye is a massive floating eye, found rarely in Lunalus. You can battle the boss Visualent on the eye.

A small garden structure with Lunalons crops growing on it.

Deeplands Structures[edit | edit source]

  • Charging Fountain

The Charging Fountain consists of four water fountains and a Charging Table. You can create the Boulder Dash to battle Kror here.

Kror Pillars are massive pillars reacher up to the ceiling of the Deeplands. The boss Kror can be fought there.

  • Arocknid Cave

A small dome-like cave containing Arocknid spawners.

Greckon Structures[edit | edit source]

  • Haunted Maze

The Haunted Maze is a small maze located in Greckon. There is a Haunting Table at the end.

  • Faceless Tree

The Faceless Tree is a large tree where Faceless Floaters spawn.

Gardencia Structures[edit | edit source]

  • Garden Castle

The Garden Castles are infested with Pod Plants and contain a Petal Crafting Station.

  • Wizard Flower

The Wizard Flower is the structure where the Vine Wizards spawn.

  • Floro Castle

Floro Castles are massive, indestructible structures with many maze floors. At the top, the boss Vinocorne can be found.

  • Daysee Flower

A small yellow flower that contains spawners that spawn Daysees.

L'Borean Structures[edit | edit source]

The Aquatic Castles are tall towers where Mermages and Amphibiors spawn.

Hydro Towers can be found in L'Borean. It contains a Hydro Table which is used to spawn the Hydrolisk.

Dracyon Platforms are small platforms hovering over water. You can battle the boss Dracyon on top of it.

Runandor Structures[edit | edit source]

Clunkhead Arenas spawn on the surface of the Runandor. On the first floor there are Runic Guardians and a Recreation Station; on the second you can battle Clunkhead.

Spectral Wizards spawn in these structures.

You can find four Rune Randomizers in the Rune Randomization Stations.

Runic Rooms come in four colors. You can play the corresponding Rune Templar minigames in it.

Barathos Structures[edit | edit source]

  • Baron Castle

Baron Castles are tall towers containing a swarm of Tharaflies and a Mineralization Table on the top.

The Baron Hives are large enclosed hives found in the surface. The Hive King boss can be fought here.

The Baroness Arena is a large arena suspended in the air by a pillar. The player can fight the baroness here.

Vox Ponds Structures[edit | edit source]

Destroyed Stores contain a Store Vox Crate, which you can use to summon the Store Keeper NPC.

The Exoid Platforms are filled with Exoid Stations. The Exoid can be spawned here by using an Apoco Stone.

The Voxxulon Platform is the battleground for the boss Voxxulon.

The Enigma Station contains the Enigma Table. You can create the Vile Stone at this structure.

Dustopia Structures[edit | edit source]

  • Primordial Village

The Primordial Villages can be found among the thick forest of Dustopia. Many Primordial Beings can be found in it.

  • Merkyre Tower

Merkyre Towers are tall towers that are home to the strange Merkyres.

The Primordial Shrine consists of a Primordial Shrine and eight Dustopian Lamps. All of the lamps need to be lighted for the Primordial Five to be summoned.

  • Arkzyne Tower

A tower-like structure that contains spawners that spawn Arkzynes.

  • Crusilisk Cave

An enclosed room that has spawners that spawn Crusilisks inside.

Lelyetia Structures[edit | edit source]

  • Lelyetian Tower

The Lelyetian Towers contain the Lelyetian Trader, the Lelyetian Banker, the Lelyetian Lottoman and the Hunter Master.

The Graw Pillar is the battleground for the boss Graw.

  • Boney Dungeons

The Boney Dungeon contains the Rawbones and the Exoheads.

  • Paravite Hive

The Paravite Hive, dangling off the bottom of Lelyetia, is home to Paravites.

  • Zhinx Enclave

The Zhinx Enclave is a structure in the Lands of Lelyetia that holds Zhinxs.

Celeve Structures[edit | edit source]

  • Gyro Platform

The Gyro Platform is the home to the boss Gyro.

  • Toy Tower

The Toy Towers contain the Toy Merchant, which sells many items for Circus Coins.

Crystevia Structures[edit | edit source]

  • Crystal Transfer Structures

The Crystal Transfer structures convert Gemstones into Crystals for use with trades. There are six different kinds: Red, White, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. Each kind converts only the gemstones of its color.

  • Augury Crystal Post

The Augury Crystal Posts allow the player to convert Crystals into Essences to train Augury.

  • Crystal Trading Post

The Crystal Trading Post houses the Crystal Trader who trades several weapons and armor pieces for Crystals.

The Crystocore Spawner contains the Power Station. The player can call upon the boss Crystocore here.

Candyland Structures[edit | edit source]

  • Cotton Candy Tower

A small, tower-like platform with a Candy Block on it. The player can summon the boss Cotton Candor here by using a Treat Bag on the Candy Block.

  • Gingerbread House

A house made of Gingerbread. Inside the house are Gingerbread Man spawners.

  • Gingerbread Aviary

A cone-shaped structure made of Gingerbread. Inside the cone are Gingerbird spawners.

  • Candy Cane Cluster

Cane Bugs spawn here.

Creeponia Structures[edit | edit source]

A tower structure with an Explosives Expert at the top.

A Creep Banker can be found here.

The boss C.R.E.E.P. can be fought here.