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This creature is a Hunter mob that can only be damaged when the player reaches a certain Hunter level.

Health 150 (Heart.png×75)
Size Width: 0.7 blocks
Height: 1.5625 blocks
Damage 6 (Heart.png×3)
Environment Precasian underground den
Hostility Aggressive
Version 1.0
Item (Quantity) Rate
Copper Coin.png Copper Coin (5-13) 100%
Precasian Tokens.png Precasian Tokens (1-2) 50%
Squad Gun.png Squad Gun 0.5%
Precasian Upgrade Kit.png Precasian Upgrade Kit 0.5%

The Spinoledon is an aggressive melee mob that spawns in the Precasian Underground Dens. It is a Hunter mob that can only be damaged if the player is level 59 or higher, and grants 240 hunter experience points when killed. It applies Weakness III for 1 second when below 60 (Heart.png×30) health. If the player's health is below 50%, it does 12 (Heart.png×6) damage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Spinoledon strongly resembles an Iosaur with Spinosaurus/Dimetrodon/Ouranosaurus traits.
    • Curiously, it somewhat resembles a totally diferent prehistoric animal: the Lotosaurus