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Skills as seen in the in-game menu.

Skills are a game mechanic in the mod that improve the player's stats, allow access to certain parts of the game, and enhance general gameplay. There are currently 13 trainable skills (as well as two unimplemented skills) in Advent of Ascension.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The player's skills appear inside a menu accessed by pressing the 'Delete' key by default. This can be changed by pausing the game, pressing Options, pressing Controls, and then changing the key to whatever the player wants.

The skills appear in the Player tab.

Increasing skill level[edit | edit source]

Runation and Infusion at level 100.

Increasing the player's skill level is essential to unlocking certain aspects of the mod. In order to increase the player's skill level, the player has to gain experience. The way experience is gained is different for each skill.

Each skill has a bar underneath its respective icon that represents how much experience in that skill is needed to advance to the next level. The bar starts out red and starts to become green as the player gains experience. Once the bar becomes completely green, the skill level increases and the bar resets to all red again. The current skill level is displayed under the the skill icon. The amount of experience in a skill the player has, and is needed to advance to the next level, is also present under the skill icon.

The amount of experience needed to advance to the next level increases with each level. Once the player reaches level 100, a fanfare will play and the border of the skill icon will turn a golden color. If enabled in the config, the player can level up skills past level 100, all the way up until level 1000, which is the maximum. If not enabled in the config, leveling up skills past 100 is impossible. Once the player reaches level 1000 (or level 100 with level 1000 disabled in the config) in a particular skill, the experience bar for that skill will remain green upon filling up completely, and the player will not be able to increase the skill level anymore.

When the player gains experience for a skill, a popup will appear on top of the player's screen for a few seconds. This popup will show the skill icon for the skill the player gained experience in, and a number representing the amount of experience gained. These will only appear if toggled in the config.

In addition to increasing a skill's level through the skill's normal means, Skill Crystals can be used to grant experience to the player's skills. When used, a skill crystal will grant experience to the player's lowest level skill that is also above level 15. In order to use a skill crystal, the player has to have at least one skill that is level 15 or higher. Skill Crystals cannot be used to increase a skill level that is at level 100 or above.

The player can alter their skills using the aoaskill or aoaskills command.

The Alchemy and Engineering skills cannot have their levels increased legitimately in-game.

Unlocking parts of the game[edit | edit source]

Increasing the player's skill level in a skill may do one of two things: it will unlock certain parts of the game that were previously locked, or grant the player an increased stat, ability, or grant some other reward.

Besides directly locking content behind them, skills may also indirectly lock content that is only accessible through content locked by skills. For example, some bosses do not require hunter levels to defeat them, however obtaining the boss spawner requires the player to train their skills to obtain it.

Once the player reaches level 100 in a skill, the player will be able to wear Artistry Armor related to the skill.

Besides advancements, nothing is granted to the player for training a skill above level 100.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Currently there are 13 trainable skills in the mod. Click one of the below images to see individual skill pages:


Untrainable skills[edit | edit source]

Two skills in the latest version: Alchemy and Engineering, cannot be trained in any way.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Information
2.0 Added Skills. The skills that existed were Infusion, Hunter, Foraging, Augury and Creation.
?? Added Runation and Robbery.
2.0.4 Added Innervation.
2.2 Added Calefaction and Anima.
2.3 Added Expedition and Vulcanism.
2.4 Added Logging, Hermetism, and Butchery.
Vulcanism has been made trainable.
Removed Calefaction, added Extraction in its place.
Tweaked how Infusion and Expedition are trained.
2.4.B Added Hauling.
Changed icons for Creation and Anima.
3.0 Added Engineering and Alchemy. Removed Hermetism and Robbery.
Skills can now be trained past level 100. Training a skill past level 100 will make the skill's level number a golden color.
Xp gained while training a skill now appears along the side of the screen.
3.1 Skills moved to another menu.
Skills can no longer be made to appear on-screen outside of this menu.
Removed Vulcanism.

Media[edit | edit source]

Name Sound Description
LevelUp The sound played when the player levels up in a skill.
Level100 The sound played when the player reaches levels 100 in a skill.

Gallery[edit | edit source]