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Health 2000 (Heart.png×1000)
Damage 20 (Heart.png×10)
Environment The Abyss
Hostility Aggressive
Version 1.0
Item (Quantity) Rate
Shadow Sword.png Shadow Sword 25%
Shadow Blaster.png Shadow Blaster 25%
Big Blast.png Big Blast 25%
Shadowlord Staff.png Shadowlord Staff 25%
Grenade.png Grenade (200) 100%*
Cannonball.png Cannonball (50) 100%*
Shadow Banner.png Shadow Banner 14%

Shadowlord is one of the bosses in The Abyss. Shadowlord is spawned at a Shadowlord Platform by using a Book of Shadows. Shadowlord can be one of the most brutal boss fights in the game if you bring any unreliable equipment against it. Shadowlord varies it's behavior depending on the player's personal statistics. Shadowlord can easily kill players who are not properly equipped to fight it.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Shadowlord flies around while shooting projectiles towards nearby players. These projectiles will alter their effect behavior depending on the health of the player. All the effects stacked together can deal very large amounts of damage.

The first effect that these projectiles apply is a poison effect. The lower the player's health when they are hit by the projectile, the greater the magnitude of the poison effect. This effect can be up to five times as much as the lowest magnitude, strongest when a player is at half a heart of health and weakest when at full health. This poison effect can be extremely dangerous, since if a player is low on health, it is very possible to quickly remove the rest of a player's health. All of Shadowlord's projectiles explode, whilst not damaging blocks.

The second effect that is applied is a wither effect. The higher the player's health, the greater the wither effect. This is the opposite of the poison's effect. This wither effect is five times as strong at max health than at half a heart of health. This wither effect can easily bring a player down in health very quickly, increasing the poison effect as well.

The third effect that is applied is a confusion effect. Upon being hit with a projectile, a player will experience visual confusion.

Shadowlord has the Attributes of Explosion and Magic Immunity.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Players have multiple ways to fight Shadowlord. It is recommended that a player brings either Poison Armor or Wither Armor in order to prevent half of the damaging effects from the projectiles.

When using the Wither Armor, players will only take poison damage, however this damage can be considered more dangerous as becoming low in health becomes a large risk. However, when using the Poison Armor, a player will have to remain at low health at all times in order to take the least wither damage possible. Remaining at low health is dangerous as a player could be killed unexpectedly.

Fighting the Shadowlord melee is possible but extremely difficult and not recommended under any circumstances. A good ranged weapon to bring would be the Squad Gun or Illusion SMG as both have a fast fire rate although almost any ranged weapon will do.

Other strategies include the use of Speed Armor to outrun the projectiles while firing your weapon at him.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Shadowlord's drops (weapons) are exclusive. That means you will get only 1 of all possible weapons per kill, along with the respective statue of this boss and EITHER (*) grenades or cannonballs.

When killed, this boss always drops its stone statue version.

Note[edit | edit source]

It should be pointed out that the Shadowlord will attempt to attack almost every mob in similar fashion to the Wither and Nethengeic Wither. It will even attack Elusive, who is the other boss of The Abyss.

Related Advancements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
The Shadow What? Defeat Shadowlord, master of darkness The Dark Book aoa3:abyss/the_shadow_what No
Spotlight in The Dark Craft a Gold Shadowlord Statue The Shadow What? aoa3:abyss/spotlight_in_the_dark No
The Real Lord Craft an Ornate Shadowlord Statue Spotlight in The Dark aoa3:abyss/the_real_lord Yes