The sixth snapshot for 1.12.2 has been released. This is the first snapshot that contains dimensions. If you're played a previous snapshot, be sure to delete the aoa3.cfg file otherwise it will cause a crash.
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Health 60 (Heart.png×30)
Damage 5 (Heart.png×2.5)
Environment Overworld: Full Moon Event
Hostility Aggressive
Version 1.0
Item (Quantity) Rate
Moondust.png Moondust 50%
Hot Shot.png Hot Shot 10%
Moon Shiner.png Moon Shiner 2%
Soul Banner.png Soul Banner 14%
Copper Coin.png Copper Coin (5 - 14) 100%

The Scrubby is a hostile red devil mob that spawns during the Full Moon Event. It is a melee mob which sets the player on fire for 3 seconds upon contact. It can also jump 5 blocks high, and runs notably faster than most mobs.

Similar to zombies, the Scrubby will attack villagers and NPCs, has a greater sight range than most mobs, and will all aggravate towards the player if one is attacked (unless they are targeting an NPC). It grants 15 hunter experience points when killed.

The soundest strategy for unprepared players is to lure a Scrubby (or Scrubbies) into water, where their incredible speed is reduced to the same as most vanilla mobs. As an added bonus, should the player fight a Scrubby in the water they benefit from instantly extinguishing any fire damage atop the slower enemy speed.