Rune Post

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Rune Post
Hardness -1
Blast resistance 999999999
Version added 1.1

Rune Posts can be found in Rune Shrines. They cannot be recreated, since Rune Posts are unbreakable.

Each different type of Rune Post to craft a different Rune can be found within its respective dimension:

Wind Rune Wind Rune.png No Post Required.
Fire Rune Fire Rune.png The Nether Fire Rune Post.png
Water Rune Water Rune.png L'Borean Water Rune Post.png
Poison Rune Poison Rune.png Vox Ponds Poison Rune Post.png
Wither Rune Wither Rune.png The Abyss Wither Rune Post.png
Lunar Rune Lunar Rune.png Lunalus Lunar Rune Post.png
Energy Rune Energy Rune.png Iromine Energy Rune Post.png
Strike Rune Strike Rune.png The Haven Strike Rune Post.png
Storm Rune Storm Rune.png Greckon Storm Rune Post.png
Kinetic Rune Kinetic Rune.png Gardencia Kinetic Rune Post.png
Power Rune Power Rune.png Barathos Power Rune Post.png
Compass Rune Compass Rune.png Celeve Compass Rune Post.png
Distortion Rune Distortion Rune.png Mysterium Distortion Rune Post.png
Life Rune Life Rune.png Precasia Life Rune Post.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In older versions, Rune Posts used to be mineable, allowing players to mine Rune Shrines and re-create them at home.