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Resource Systems

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Resource Systems are special resources the player can utilize.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The resource systems in the Advent GUI.

The Resource Systems appear as 5 square icons on the player's screen. There are two places where the player can see their resource systems. The first location is in the top-right corner of the screen, by default. The resource systems here can be made to appear/disappear by pressing the 'O' key by default. The position of the resource systems here can be changed in the mod's config file.

The second place the player can see their resource systems is by opening up the Advent GUI, and looking in the Player tab. The resource systems update in real-time outside of the Advent GUI. They will only update in real-time while the player is looking inside of the Advent GUI if the player has configured them to do so.

The resource systems each have their own individual function. With exception of Tribute, each Resource System consists of a gray box that fills with a color as the player gains the particular resource that corresponds with the box. A number corresponding to how much of the resource the player has is also present. The amount of these resources the player has will increase over time until the player hits the max of the resource, with each resource regenerating at a different rate. These resources can be utilized by the player, with a corresponding amount of resource being removed when the player does so. How the player uses the resource depends on the resource.

Tribute functions differently from the other resources. The box corresponding to Tribute is divided up into four bars, which can be filled up by completing certain activities. Filling up the bars will grant the player potion effects as a reward for a certain period of time. See the Tribute page for more information.

Resource Systems[edit | edit source]

There are currently 5 resource systems in the mod. Click on one of the below images to go to the individual Resource pages:


Configuration[edit | edit source]

The player can change the location of the resource icons on the player's screen in the mod's config file. In the config file, under the section titled "guiresource", the player is able to edit the x and y locations of the resource icons.

Values for version 3.0 and up

History[edit | edit source]

Version Information
?? Added Ancient Power.
1.1 Removed Ancient Power. Added Energy, Creation, and Soul Power.
2.0 Added Vitality and Tribute.
Gave old resources new textures.
The cooldown for Energy regeneration was removed.
2.4 Removed Vitality, replaced with Battle Rage.
2.4.B Energy, Creation, and Soul Power got a new texture.
3.0 Resource Systems can now be made to appear/disappear with the 'O' key by default.
Energy now has a cooldown again.
Tribute is no longer given per dimension, and can now be taken between dimensions.

Gallery[edit | edit source]