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The following is a list of recipes in Nevermine.

Crafting Recipes[edit | edit source]

Recipes gotten through the crafting table. They are in alphabetical order.

Name + Item Image Recipe Image Ingredients Notes
Alacrity Bow.png Alacrity Bow BoA.png 3 Sapphire, 3 Blaze Rod
Amethyst Sword.png Amethyst Sword Amethyst Sword Recipe.png 2 Amethysts, 1 Stick
Ancient Bomber.png Ancient Bomber AnBo.png 1 Boom Cannon, 1 Ancient Upgrade Kit
Ancient Discharger.png Ancient Discharger AnDi.png 1 Discharge Cannon, 1 Ancient Upgrade Kit
Battle Vulcane.png Battle Vulcane Craft a Vulcane.png with a Battle Augment.png 1 Vulcane, 1 Battle Augment
Bloodstone Sword.png Bloodstone Sword SwB.png 2 Bloodstones, 1 Stick
Candlefire Sword.png Candlefire Sword Candlefire Sword Recipe.png 2 Emberstone Ingots, 1 Blaze Rod
Coralstone Sword.png Coral Stone Sword SwC.png 2 Coral Stones, 1 Stick
Crystallite Sword.png Crystallite Sword SwCr.png 2 Crystallites, 1 Stick
Diamond Bowl.png Diamond Bowl Diamond Bowl Recipe.png 4 Diamonds, 1 Gold Ingot
Emberstone Sword.png Emberstone Sword SwE.png 2 Emberstone Ingots, 1 Stick
Equality Vulcane.png Equality Vulcane Craft a Vulcane.png with an Equality Augment.png 1 Vulcane, 1 Equality Augment
Fire Staff.png Fire Staff FS.png 2 Fire Runes, 1 Stick
Fire Vulcane.png Fire Vulcane Craft a Vulcane.png with a Fire Augment.png 1 Vulcane, 1 Fire Augment
Flame Wrecker.png Flame Wrecker FW.png 1 Chain Wrecker, 1 Nether Upgrade Kit
Hell Horn.png Hell Horn HeHo.png 1 Bubble Horn, 1 Nether Upgrade Kit
Holy Sword.png Holy Sword Holy Sword Recipe.png 2 Blocks of Gold, 1 Blaze Rod
Horizon Maul.png Horizon Maul HorizonMaulRecipe.png 4 Sapphire, 2 Jade, 1 Stick
Ice Bow.png Ice Bow BoI.png 3 Ice Crystals, 3 String
Impairment Vulcane.png Impairment Vulcane Craft a Vulcane.png with an Impairment Augment.png 1 Vulcane, 1 Impairment Augment
Infernal Bow.png Infernal Bow BowI.png 3 Emberstone Ingots, 3 String
Iominator.png Iominator Io.png 1 Abominator, 1 Ancient Upgrade Kit
Jade Sword.png Jade Sword SwJ.png 2 Jade, 1 Stick
Knight's Guard.png Knight's Guard Knight's Guard Recipe.png 4 Shyrestone Ingots, 2 Shyregems, 1 Soulbone
Limonite Sword.png Limonite Sword SwL.png 2 Limonite Ingots, 1 Stick
Mecha Archergun.png Mecha Archergun MeA.png 1 Incomplete Mecha Archergun, 1 Mecha Gear
Mecha Bow.png Mecha Bow BoM.png 1 Incomplete Mecha Bow, 1 Mecha Gear
Nethenette Rifle.png Nethenette Rifle NeR.png 1 Bayonette Rifle, 1 Nether Upgrade Kit
Poison Bow.png Poison Bow BoP.png 3 Jungle Thorns, 3 String
Poison Staff.png Poison Staff PS.png 2 Poison Runes, 1 Stick
Poison Vulcane.png Poison Vulcane Craft a Vulcane.png with a Poison Augment.png 1 Vulcane, 1 Poison Augment
Power Vulcane.png Power Vulcane Craft a Vulcane.png with a Power Augment.png 1 Vulcane, 1 Power Augment
Rosite Sword.png Rosite Sword Rosite Sword Recipe.png 2 Rosite Ingots, 1 Stick
Sapphire Sword.png Sapphire Sword SwS.png 2 Sapphire, 1 Stick
Speed Bow.png Speed Bow BoS.png 3 Sapphire, 3 String
Stone Bowl.png Stone Bowl SBC.png 4 Cobblestone, 1 Gold Ingot
Supremacy Sword.png Supremecy Sword Supremecy Sword Recipe.png 4 Amethysts, 1 Stick
Water Staff.png Water Staff WaS.png 2 Water Runes, 1 Stick
Weaken Bow.png Weaken Bow BowW.png 3 Jade, 3 String
Wind Staff.png Wind Staff WS.png 2 Wind Runes, 1 Stick
Wither Bow.png Wither Bow BoW.png 3 Wither Runes, 3 String
Wither Staff.png Wither Staff WiS.png 2 Wither Runes, 1 Stick
Wither Vulcane.png Wither Vulcane Craft a Vulcane.png with a Wither Augment.png 1 Vulcane, 1 Wither Augment

Furnace Recipes[edit | edit source]