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Rare Table

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The rare table is a loot table.

Rare table[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of items present in the loot table.

Rare Table
Item Quantity Looting Chance Notes
Golden Upgrade Kit.png Golden Upgrade Kit 1 N/A 2.47% N/A
Magic Repair Dust.png Magic Repair Dust 1-5 N/A 7.41% N/A
Small Skill Crystal.png Small Skill Crystal 1-10 N/A 9.26% N/A
Medium Skill Crystal.png Medium Skill Crystal 1-9 N/A 6.17% N/A
Large Skill Crystal.png Large Skill Crystal 1-8 N/A 4.32% N/A
Giant Skill Crystal.png Giant Skill Crystal 1-7 N/A 2.47% N/A
Diamond.png Diamond 5-25 N/A 11.11% N/A
Emerald.png Emerald 5-25 N/A 7.41% N/A
Nether Star.png Nether Star 1 N/A 1.85% N/A
Color Cannon.png Color Cannon 1 N/A 0.12% N/A
Ghast Tear.png Ghast Tear 1 N/A 2.35% N/A
Bottle o' Enchanting.png Bottle o' Enchanting 10-32 N/A 12.35% N/A
Enchanted Golden Apple.png Enchanted Golden Apple 1-2 N/A 1.85% N/A
Nothing 1 N/A 30.86% N/A