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Battle Rage

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Battle Rage
Version added 2.4

Battle Rage is a resource that allows the player to critical hit. It serves as a partial replacement to Calefaction.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Battle Rage has a max cap of 200, which cannot be increased. Battle Rage's regeneration starts out slower than Energy but faster than Creation. As the player levels up in Butchery, the regeneration speed increases. The speed increase per level up:

Butchery Level Regen Time
Levels 1-19 3 seconds
Levels 20-39 1.5 seconds
Levels 40-59 0.75 seconds
Levels 60-79 0.37 seconds
Levels 80-94 0.18 seconds
Levels 95-100 0.09 seconds

The speed of regenerating can also be increased by wearing a full set of Battleborn Armor.

Manual regeneration[edit | edit source]

Battle Rage can be manually increased by eating fiery chops. If the player's health falls below 30% while wearing a full set of Battleborn Armor, the Battle Rage bar will automatically be filled to the max (note that this can only occur once every 15 seconds).

Mob Draining[edit | edit source]

Snow Chargers, Bloodmists, and Lingers will drain the player's Battle Rage upon attacking the player.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Critical Hits[edit | edit source]

Battle Rage allows the player to do critical hits. Every time the player attacks a mob with a melee attack, there is a CurrentBattleRageNumber/100 chance for a critical hit to occur. The amount of extra damage done depends on the player's current Butchery level:

Butchery Level: Damage Multiplier
Levels 1-14 x1.3
Levels 14-29 x1.4
Levels 29-49 x1.5
Levels 49-69 x1.6
Levels 69-89 x1.7
Levels 89-100 x1.8

Once a critical hit is performed the bar resets to 0 and starts regenerating again.

If the player is wearing a full set of Butchery Armor, Battle Rage critical hits will do x4 damage in addition to the extra damage seen in the table above. However, each critical hit done will do 4 (Heart.png×2) damage to the player.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Information
2.4 Added Battle Rage, partially replacing Calefaction.
3.0 Battle Rage's max has been visually increased from 100 to 200.