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Primordial Guide

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Primordial Guide
Health 30 (Heart.png×15)
Environment Dustopia
Hostility Passive
Version 1.1

The Primordial Guide is a NPC that spawns in the Dustopian Villages in Dustopia. It talks to the player about Dustopia and has no trades.

Bestiary Entry[edit | edit source]

The Primordial Guide is a friendly humanoid creature that stays in Dustopian villages offering help and advice to passing travellers.

Not long ago, when yet another religious group had gone into the Dustopian plains and disappeared forever, the Dustopian council decided that more publicly available information was needed to ensure that travellers would return safely. To this effect, they set up the primordial guide program. The program allowed any dustopian citizen to sit through a course and become a registered guide.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Guide: "Be careful, Primordials are known for eternal healing." - Hints that some of the Primordial Five regenerate heavily, making them more dangerous than some other bosses.

Guide: "Charge orbs to use them at Lunar Creation Tables." - Implies that players should trade Uncharged Orbs to the Primordial Spellbinder so they can use them at the Lunar Creation Table in Lunalus.

Guide: "Be careful of the Stalker Prime! It's an extremely dangerous creature." - Warns against the Stalker Prime.

Guide: "If you are looking for some skulls, I hear Merkyres seem to have them a lot." - Hints that to find Primordial Skulls, the player must find Merkyres.

Guide: "Merkyres live in towers that are located throughout Dustopia." - Follows up on the above quote by telling where the Merkyres live.

Guide: "Teleportation is rampant in these lands." - Some mobs in Dustopia may use teleportation abilities, but this is likely an overstatement.

Guide: "There are very dangerous creatures around here. Luckily most are locked up." - Refers to the Merkyres, Arkzynes and Crusilisks - all of which only spawn in special structures.

Guide: "Be careful what you look at." - Warns against the Dusteiva, a mob that teleports the player several blocks upwards when the player looks at its face (potentially causing massive fall damage). Also may warn against the Stalker and Stalker Prime - which both trigger a blinding screen effect when the player looks at either of them.

Guide: "I'd never mine in the dark." - Warns that you should not mine without some form of brightening dark areas. It may also be a warning for if you try to mine in Dustopia, as its black landscape makes it very hard to see.