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Primordial Five

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Primordial Five
Primordal Five.png
Health See Behavior
Damage See Behavior
Environment Dustopia
Hostility Aggressive
Version 1.1
Living Sound
Death Sound
Boss Music
Item (Quantity) Rate
Primordial Greatblade.png Primordial Greatblade 33%
Primordial Bow.png Primordial Bow 33%
Primordial Staff.png Primordial Staff 33%
Primordial Helmet.png Primordial Helmet 25%
Primordial Chestplate.png Primordial Chestplate 25%
Primordial Leggings.png Primordial Leggings 25%
Primordial Boots.png Primordial Boots 25%

The Primordial Five are the only bosses in Dustopia. They are very powerful, and can easily kill players who are not properly equipped for the battle. Primordial Five are spawned by using lighting all the Dustopian Lamps with Primordial Dust then right clicking the Primordial Shrine.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Primordials spawns in the order of Kajaros, Miskel, Harkos, Raxxan and Okazor. Only Okazor has the chance to drop items. One piece of armor and one weapon will always drop when killing Okazor.

Kajaros the Primordial Guardian[edit | edit source]

Kajaros inflicts Slowness III, Nausea III and Blindness III (all of them for 7.5 seconds) on hit while healing itself by 20 (Heart.png×10) health at the same time. It has 1750 (Heart.png×875) health and 23 (Heart.png×11.5) damage. Kajaros is immune to knockback. It also teleports to nearby players.

Miskel the Primordial Wizard[edit | edit source]

Miskel fires a projectile that inflicts either Blindness or Wither on hit. It regains 40 (Heart.png×20) health from every successful hit. It has 1300 (Heart.png×650) health and 14 (Heart.png×7) damage.

Harkos the Primordial Assassin[edit | edit source]

Harkos is very fast and occasionally jumps at the player. It regenerates very fast. It has 1300 (Heart.png×650) health and 13 (Heart.png×6.5) damage.

Raxxan the Primordial Mindbender[edit | edit source]

Raxxan is fast and can turn invisible. It heals 100 (Heart.png×50) health periodically and occasionally causes brief Nausea. It has 1000 (Heart.png×500) health and 15 (Heart.png×7.5) damage. Raxxan is immune to knockback.

Okazor the Primordial Warrior[edit | edit source]

Okazor has a chance to heal fully when attacking. It has 1200 (Heart.png×600) health and 50 (Heart.png×25) damage. Okazor is immune to knockback. Just like Kajaros, it teleports to nearby players.

Okazor's weapons & armor drop are exclusive and guaranteed, so you will get exactly one weapon and one armor piece per kill.

Also, you will get one of each of the Primordial Five's stone statues (Kajaros, Miskel, Harkos, Raxxan, and Okazor) as you kill each one.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

In general, any weapons that inflict slowness like Coralstorm Sword are ideal against the Primordial Five. Besides Miskel, the Primordial Five all use melee attacks, putting them at an disadvantage if they are inflicted with any slowness, especially since three of them need to hit the player in order to heal.

Among the four members of the Primordial Five that use melee, Kajaros and Okazor are by far the most dangerous as they can teleport to attack nearby players. The player should absolutely use one or more shields, particularly ones with high levels of Unbreaking and full durability. The player can also opt to use a Light's Way to be able to rapidly heal without having to switch between different items to do so (particularly against Okazor to counteract his high damage output), making it easier for them to focus on using their shield.

Kajaros is among the tankiest of the bunch. The player should prioritize not getting hit, as the slowness inflicted by Kajaros will allow them to get more hits on the player, healing more health. Kajaros also inflicts blindness and nausea as additional debuffs to hinder the player even more. Other than that any strategy against Kajaros should work as long as the player doesn't put themselves in a position where they can get hit multiple times. The player should also be careful not to exhaust through all their resources for Kajaros, as they still have four more Primordials after them.

Miskel is among one of the more dangerous Primordials due to being able to inflict a potent wither (or blindness) effect via ranged attack and being healed on hit as well. Like Kajaros the player should prioritize not getting hit by Miskel, even moreso since Miskel heals more health on hit than Kajaros. It is absolutely not recommended to fight Miskel up-close with melee attacks, as at that range Miskel will likely heal too fast for the player to deal any sufficient damage, along with the wither effect quickly going through the player's health. Instead the player should fight Miskel from a decent range, using the terrain or objects like trees for cover to avoid getting hit by Miskel's projectiles.

Harkos is fast and heals naturally unlike the previous two Primordials. However Harkos deals the least amount of damage out of all the Primordial Five, making them not as dangerous at close range. The player should simply try to deal as much damage as possible. Harkos also takes more knockback than most bosses, placing them at a heavy disadvantage against anything with a fast speed, especially any fast weapons with extra knockback like Ion Revolver.

Raxxan also heals naturally like Harkos, and has decent speed. Unlike Harkos though Raxxan can turn invisible and use nausea to get free hits on the player. The player should focus their attention to Raxxan so that they can deal damage to them even if they go invisible. Also like Harkos the player should try to deal as much damage as possible, as Raxxan can pretty quickly heal back to full health if the player isn't constantly damaging them.

Okazor boasts one of the highest damage outputs in the game, and along with that has a chance to heal back to full health when hitting a player, making sure to not get hit by Okazor should be number one priority. Unless the player manages to stay well out of Okazor's range, the player will most likely have to use their shield to block attacks from Okazor's teleportation, especially when factoring in how Okazor may heal back to full health upon hitting a player.

The player should also be aware of how close they may be to a Primordial when killing them, as this may put the player at a disadvantage against the next Primordial. For instance being next to Raxxan when killing them can be a fatal move due to Okazor's high damage.

Aggroing other Dustopia mobs while fighting the Primordial Five can be deadly due to some of them also being dangerous. Even a single Stalker can potentially end the fight due to it's screen effect being a huge distraction.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The combined total health of the Primordial Five is 6550 (Heart.png×3275), the highest overall health of any boss fight in Nevermine.