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Lottery Gems

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Lottery Gems
Lunalus Gems.png
Version Added See history.

Lottery Gems are a special type of currency used to buy totems. Most dimensions added by the mod, and the Nether have their own specific lottery gem.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Mob Drops[edit | edit source]

Lottery Gems can be obtained as drops from mobs in different dimensions. See the chart below to see which mobs drop gems. The chance to get more cannot be increased with the Looting enchantment.

Totems[edit | edit source]

All totems have an 11.5% chance to drop lottery gems when opened. The gem they drop is always the same as the dimension the totem is from.

Trading[edit | edit source]

32 Crystevia Gems can be purchased from a Crystal Trader for 5 Crystals each (color doesn't matter).

Other methods[edit | edit source]

Deeplands Gems can be obtained as a drop from a Deep Case. Iromine Gems can be obtained as a drop from an Iro Crate. All Lottery Gems can be obtained from a Gem Bag.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Trading[edit | edit source]

Main article: Lottomen Trades

All Lottery Gems are used to buy totems. 10 of a dimension's specific gem can be used to buy 1 totem, while 75 of a dimension's specific gem can be used to buy 10 totems. The gems can be spent at the dimension's lottoman.

In the 2.5 Snapshot, the Shyrelands Lottoman will also trade Shyrelands Gems for Strange Stones.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Gems Dimension From Mobs Dropped by Buys
Nether Gems.png Nether The Nether Embrake, Hellspot, Hellcat, Flamewalker, Infernal, Nethengeic Beast Flaming Fury Totem.png Flaming Fury Totem
Wart Gun Totem.png Wart Gun Totem
Haven Gems.png Haven The Haven Angelica, Dawnlight, Orbiter, Rainicorn, Seeker, Surveyor, Volar, Voliant Purple Punisher Totem.png Purple Punisher Totem
Giga Cannon Totem.png Giga Cannon Totem
Abyssal Gems.png Abyssal The Abyss Apparition, Bloodsucker, Distorter, Fiend, Flesh Eater, Jawe, Occulent, Slimer, Web Reaper Bloodfury Totem.png Bloodfury Totem
Soulfire Bow Totem.png Soulfire Bow Totem
Precasian Gems.png Precasian Precasia Diocus, Dyrehorn, Giant Slug, Iosaur, Megatherium, Sabre Tooth, Spinoledon, Terradon, Tortione Abominator Totem.png Abominator Totem
Ancient Bow Totem.png Ancient Bow Totem
Mysterium Gems.png Mysterium Mysterium Fungback, Fungat, Fungik Animal Blaster Totem.png Animal Blaster Totem
Sound Cannon Totem.png Sound Cannon Totem
Iromine Gems.png Iromine Iromine Mechyon, Polytom, Voltron Mecha Blaster Totem.png Mecha Blaster Totem
Explochron Sword Totem.png Explochron Sword Totem
Lunalus Gems.png Lunalus Lunalus Lunarcher, Inmate Y Pulsator Totem.png Pulsator Totem
Luna Blaster Totem.png Luna Blaster Totem
Deeplands Gems.png Deeplands The Deeplands Rock Crawler, Rockbiter Formation Staff Totem.png Formation Staff Totem
Predatious Bow Totem.png Predatious Bow Totem
Gardencia Gems.png Gardencia Gardencia Carrotop, Squasher Rosidian Archergun Totem.png Rosidian Archergun Totem
Flowercorne Totem.png Flowercorne Totem
Greckon Gems.png Greckon Greckon Faceless Floater, Hunter, Shifter, Valkyrie Haunters Rifle Totem.png Haunters Rifle Totem
Viper-1 Totem.png Viper-1 Totem
Runandor Gems.png Runandor Lands of Runandor Paladin, Runicorn Wizard Staff Totem.png Wizard Staff Totem
BayonetteSR Totem.png BayonetteSR Totem
L'Borean Gems.png L'Borean L'Borean Mermage, Sea Viper Aquatic Staff Totem.png Aquatic Staff Totem
Tidal Greatblade Totem.png Tidal Greatblade Totem
Barathos Gems.png Barathos Barathos Arkback, Nospike, Cryptid Baron Staff Totem.png Baron Staff Totem
Baron SSR Totem.png Baron SSR Totem
Dustopia Gems.png Dustopia Dustopia Basilisk, Duston, Lost Soul Daybreaker Totem.png Daybreaker Totem
Terminator Totem.png Terminator Totem
Vox Ponds Gems.png Vox Ponds Vox Ponds Gadgetoid, Grocculate Noxious Greatblade Totem.png Noxious Greatblade Totem
Viral Archergun Totem.png Viral Archergun Totem
Lelyetia Gems.png Lelyetia Lands of Lelyetia Trotter, Tracker, Flye Swarm-O-Tron Totem.png Swarm-O-Tron Totem
Royal Greatblade Totem.png Royal Greatblade Totem
Celeve Gems.png Celeve Celeve Bobo, Koko, Kranky, Sticky, Stitches, Tipsy Goofy Greatblade Totem.png Goofy Greatblade Totem
Whimsy Winder Totem.png Whimsy Winder Totem
Crystevia Gems.png Crystevia Crystevia Construct of Speed, Construct of Strength, Construct of Flight, Construct of Range, Construct of Terror, Construct of Resistance, Construct of Mind Crystaneer Totem.png Crystaneer Totem
Crystal Maul Totem.png Crystal Maul Totem
Candyland Gems.png Candyland Candyland Airhead, Candy Corny, Cane Bug, Cherry Barrager, Cherry Blaster, Gingerbird, Gingerbread Man, Peppermint Slug, Spearmint Slug Froster Totem.png Froster Totem
Mint Magnum Totem.png Mint Magnum Totem
Creeponia Gems.png Creeponia Creeponia Bone Creeper, Cave Creepoid, Creeperlock, Magical Creeper, Winged Creeper Creepoid Greatblade Totem.png Creepoid Greatblade Totem
Boom-Boom Totem.png Boom-Boom Totem
Shyrelands Gems.png Shyrelands The Shyrelands Arcbeast, Arcworm, Axiolight, Omnilight, ShyreKnight, Soulvyre, Sysker Sky Staff Totem.png Sky Staff Totem
Soul Bone Totem.png Soul Bone Totem

History[edit | edit source]

Version Information
1.1 Added Lottery Gems. The available gems were: Nether, Haven, Abyssal, Precasian, Mysterium, Iromine, Lunalus, Deeplands, Gardencia, Greckon, Runandor, L'Borean, Barathos, Dustopia and Vox Ponds.
2.0 Added Lelyetia Gems.
2.1 Added Celeve Gems.
2.2 Added Crystevia Gems.
2.3 Added Candyland Gems.
2.4 Added Creeponia Gems.
Tslat 1.1 Added Shyrelands Gems.