The eighth snapshot for 1.12.2 has been released. If you're played a previous snapshot, be sure to delete the aoa3.cfg file otherwise it will cause a crash.
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Planned features

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This page contains content on features that may be included in a future update.
These features have been mentioned by a mod developer on the official discord server or the forums, but have not been officially released yet.
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The following page documents all of the planned features in the mod. These are features that have been discussed by a mod developer that will be added in a future update.

Note that the following page documents content that is has been mentioned by Scimiguy that is most likely going to happen. For Xolova's old teasers, see mentioned features.

Update plans[edit | edit source]

Future updates, if any, are currently laid out like so.

  • 3.0 - an update that will update Advent of Ascension to 1.12.2.

3.0[edit | edit source]

Teaser screenshot for the mod's port to 1.12.
A zombie holding a grandsword.

Main article: 3.0

An upcoming update, with version number 3.0[1] is planned to update the mod to 1.12 version of Minecraft. A teaser screenshot was released (see right) of the update in-progress.

All worlds in Minecraft version 1.7.10 will not be able to move forward to 1.12, due to the mod's internal name/mod id being changed.

Snapshot content[edit | edit source]

Main articles: AoA3-Snapshot 3, AoA3-Snapshot 4, AoA3-Snapshot 5, AoA3-Snapshot 6, AoA3-Snapshot 7, AoA3-Snapshot 8, AoA3-Snapshot 9 and AoA3-Snapshot 10

Snapshots for the update have been released. The latest snapshot can be downloaded here.

Changes in the snapshots include:

  • Greatblades have been made to do melee damage, instead of ranged.
  • Two new skills have been added: Engineering and Alchemy, replacing Robbery and Hermetism respectively.
  • Tipped holly arrows have been added.
  • Throwable weapons can be fired out of a dispenser.
  • A new enchantment called Brace, which allows the player to dual-wield guns, archerguns, and partially staves. Staves are sort of an exception as 2 staves cannot be used at once, but can still be used with other weapon types.
  • Rune Pouch is not present, Staffs now consume runes from the inventory.

The individual snapshot articles cover individual changes made in each snapshot while the 3.0 article contains information about all snapshots.

Other planned content[edit | edit source]

Spawn eggs will be implemented.[2]

A teaser showing tipped holly arrows.

Biomes in the dimensions will not be added upon 3.0's release, they will come in a later update.[3]

The Skeletal Army waves will no longer spawn from the skele-elder's position when it is defeated.[4]

Other plans[edit | edit source]

Loot[edit | edit source]

A huge change to the looting system, click here for the details. Its unknown when this will happen.

Themed-Updates[edit | edit source]

Following the release of 3.0, the developer has mentioned possibly releasing themed-updates, such as a "mob updates", focusing on mobs, and a "skills update", focusing on skills.[5]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Minions no longer attacking hunter mobs when under leveled.[6]

Ambient sound tracks are being planned for the dimensions.[7]

2.5 Snapshot Dimensions[edit | edit source]

These are dimensions that currently exist in the 2.5 Snapshot. They are sorted in the table from most complete (top) to least complete (bottom).

The new developer, Tslat, has confirmed adding these dimensions in at some point in the future. [8]

Image Name Description
The Everland.png The Everland Main article: The Everland
The Everland is a dimension filled with black foliage and geometrical creatures. Out of all upcoming dimensions in the game, the Everland is the most complete one. The dimension's generation consist of large square black trees with colorful spots in the middle of them. There are also floating pieces of land in the Everland, as well as a seemingly random series of Ever Glass that crosses over above the dimension. If the player were to go above the Ever Glass, the player will die due to high atmospheric pressure. The Everland has its own mobs: however in the 2.5 snapshot the mobs are incomplete, most of them not having any drops, sounds or abilities. The Everland has a boss: Evercron, which can be spawned by taking a Bloodstone to its altar, found on a platform structure - the only structure that appears in the Everland.
Labricon.png Labricon Main article: Labricon
Labricon is a multi-level lab themed dimension. It is one of the most complex dimensions in the mod. The dimension's generation is divided between three layers: Eternal, Leveled and Darkin. The player is always spawned on the Eternal layer, with each layer getting harder as the player goes down. In the 2.5 snapshot, the generation is mostly complete however no mobs, items, or npcs can be found anywhere. There are three bosses that are planned for Labricon: Klokwerk, Pack and Exo.
Playtopia.png Playtopia Main article: Playtopia
Playtopia is a toy-themed dimension. In the 2.5 snapshot, the only thing complete about the dimension is the generation, no mobs items, npcs or bosses exist. The dimension's generation takes place entirely inside an enclosed space, inside this space are trees made of building blocks, play lamps, and more. Mobs that have been revealed for the dimension are implied to all be living, evil toys. The dimension was going to have one boss: Cuddlehugs, an evil teddy bear which has multiple forms.
Ethereus.png Ethereus Main article: Ethereus
Ethereus is a ghost-themed dimension. In the 2.5 snapshot, the only thing complete about the dimension is the generation, no mobs items, npcs or bosses exist. The dimension's generation consists of tall, towering transparent pillars, complete with transparent plants and trees on top. The mobs of the dimension are implied to be all types of ghosts. The dimension was going to have one boss: Daemon.

2.5 Dimension Mobs[edit | edit source]

The following mobs were created for the 2.5 Snapshot dimensions (see Planned_features#2.5_Snapshot_Dimensions) - the Everland, Playtopia, and Ethereus. The developer has confirmed that the mobs are most likely going to be added as is, with some potential changes to Playtopia mobs due to copyright issues.[9]

Everland mobs[edit | edit source]

Mobs for the planned Everland dimension were revealed on 24 October 2015.[10] These mobs exist in the 2.5 snapshot, but are incomplete, having no drops, abilities, or sounds. Most of them have the same stats.

When they were revealed, Xolova has labeled Bloger and Blockhead as spawning in a structure. However, in the 2.5 snapshot they spawn naturally.

Playtopia mobs[edit | edit source]

Mobs for the planned Playtopia dimension were revealed on 25 October 2015.[11] Unlike the Shyrelands and Everland mobs, these mobs do not exist in the 2.5 snapshot. What is known about the following mobs:

  • Jack in the Box will behave similar to Hiding/Living Fungi. They will appear as a box with a spinning handle that plays music until the player comes near. In that case, the Jack will leave the box and attack the player.[12]
  • Two of the mobs are confirmed to bounce.[13]

Upon being revealed, Xolova had labeled the Toy Soldier and Blockomaton as spawning in a structure, and the Builder Blocker as a rare mob[14].

Ethereus mobs[edit | edit source]

Ethereus mobs have models and textures, however they have not been coded and were never officially revealed. The following screenshots were created by giving their models/textures to other mobs.

Labricon mobs[edit | edit source]

While the exact number of mobs has never been confirmed, the current developer has said its slightly more than Barathos.[15] Most of the mobs are unknown.

The developer has confirmed that he has the completed Labricon assets.[16] This most likely includes those of the mobs planned for the dimension.

An unknown mob was revealed on the Minecraft Forums as a teaser for the update. Long after Xolova quit developing the mod, he revealed that it was named Lockshot and is for Labricon's Darkin layer.[17] It is currently the only non-boss mob in Labricon with a known appearance.

In the 2.5 snapshot, there are three spawners in Labricon that are called "SpawnerIris", "SpawnerUnisaur", and "SpawnerAuctillian". The spawners currently spawn fades.

2.5 Snapshot Dimension Bosses[edit | edit source]

The following bosses were created for the 2.5 snapshot dimensions. As their models and textures are completed, and their dimensions are confirmed, they are likely to be added in the future.

Image Boss Description
Cuddlehugs.png Cuddlehugs A supposed boss in Playtopia. First revealed shortly after the release of 2.4.B.[18] The reveal also shows he has a rampant form.
Daemon.png Daemon A supposed boss in Ethereus. First revealed shortly after the release of 2.4.B.[19]
Evercron.png Evercron A boss in the Everland. Evercron can be fought in the 2.5 snapshot, by using a bloodstone on its evercron altar.

Evercron fires various projectiles around the player. The main gimmick of the fight is that various screen effects block the player's view during the fight, with only a few holes in the screen effect that let the player see through. These screen effects change position every few seconds and get faster the lower Evercron's health is.

Klokwerk.png Klokwerk A boss for the Eternal layer in Labricon. First revealed in one of Xolova's Twitter posts after the release of 1.1.[20]
Pack.png Pack A boss for the Levelled layer in Labricon. First revealed in one of Xolova's Twitter posts.[21] The name "Pack" was found by looking in the mod's files.
Exo.png Exo A boss for the Darkin layer in Labricon. First revealed in one of Xolova's Twitter posts.[21] The name "Exo" was found by looking in the mod's files.

The boss music for the above bosses was revealed by looking in the mod's files.

References[edit | edit source]

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