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Damage 1 (Heart.png×0.5)
Durability 20000
Ammunition Energy
Effect Constant Attraction Spray
Version Added 2.4

The Odious is an energy weapon obtainable in Immortallis.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

It is sold by the Token Trader for 40 Dungeon Tokens each. The player will have to defeat Flash multiple times in order to purchase an Odious.

Repairing[edit | edit source]

An Odious can be repaired in an anvil using Rosite Ingots, or at a Mending Table with Magic Mending Solution. Two damaged Odious' can be crafted together, which will combine their durability, plus an extra 5% durabilty.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Odious can be used, like all guns, by right-clicking it with enough energy. If the player holds the right-click down, the player can trigger an automatic spray. Mobs hit by the projectiles will be attracted towards the player.

The Odious will slow the player holding it slightly.