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Night Watcher

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Night Watcher
Night Watcher.png
Health 90 (Heart.png×45)
Size Width: 0.6 blocks
Height: 2.7 blocks
Damage 4 (Heart.png×2)
Environment Overworld: Full Moon Event
Hostility Aggressive
Version 1.0
Item (Quantity) Rate
Moonstone.png Moonstone 50%
Soul Banner.png Soul Banner 14.29%
Moon Shiner.png Moon Shiner 2%

Night Watchers are hostile melee mobs that spawn in the Overworld at nighttime. It grants 15 Hunter experience points when killed.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Night Watchers are very tall, slender human-like creatures with no discernible mouths, ears, or noses on their heads. Their skin is pitch-black, and the tips of their fingers and toes are a dark grey. The most recognizable quality of Night Watchers is their glowing yellow monocular eye.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Night Watchers spawn at night, but only during the Full Moon event. Night Watchers also tend to spawn in large groups.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Melee attacks from Night Watchers afflict Blindness to their target. Players within a 10 block radius of a Night Watcher will also be blinded.