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Mobs are living entities that can be found in the world of Minecraft. Advent of Ascension adds over 300 mobs to the game.

Most mobs added by Advent of Ascension are hostile, and will attack the player upon sight. This does not includes npcs and minions. Some mobs in the mod have certain mob attributes, which makes the mob immune to certain damage types.

Mobs in Advent of Ascension can deal melee and/or ranged damage, with ranged mobs firing either physical or non-physical projectiles. Physical projectiles are objects like arrows, bullets, or anything with a physical shape. Non-physical projectiles are magical projectiles fired by mobs like Goblins, and deal no knockback.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Mobs in Advent of Ascension mostly follow similar mob spawning rules as in vanilla Minecraft, with a few exceptions:

  • Most Overworld mobs can only spawn on top of grass blocks, dirt, ice, snow, sand, gravel, smooth stone (not cobblestone), and ore blocks.
  • Underground and night-time mobs can only spawn at light level 7 or lower (similar to vanilla monsters), but surface daytime mobs are not restricted by light level.
  • Non-water mobs cannot spawn in liquids (except for water-based mobs), bottom half-slabs, or transparent blocks (such as glass).

All mobs in the mod can be spawned by using their respective spawn egg. They can also be summoned with the command /summon aoa3:mobname. For example, the player can type /summon aoa3:chimera to summon a Chimera.

Mobs[edit | edit source]

Below is a full list of all the mobs. There is a legend for special icons located below, which represent spawn restrictions:

Rare.png - Rare spawn
Underground.png -Spawns underground
Structure.png -Spawns in structures only
Minigame.png -Minigame only mob
Events.gif -Spawns during an event (Scroll over icons to see which event they spawn in).
FragmentTemple.png -Fragment Temple (Note: these mobs have been temporally removed from the 1.12.2 versions of the mod).