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Minions are friendly mobs that fight for the player.

Summoning[edit | edit source]

Minions can be summoned by using their corresponding minion slab, randomly when using specific weapons, or from wearing a full set of certain armor. Minions can only be summoned if the player has enough Creation resource. Most minions require the player to be a certain level of Creation skill in order to be summoned.

Summoning a slab minion will consume the slab, while weapons that spawn minions can be reused as long as the player has the resources needed to spawn the minions, until their durability depletes to 0.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Currently, all minions added by the mod attack with melee attacks. They cannot damage hunter mobs, regardless if the player is the correct level to kill said mob or not. Some minions have passive effects that can benefit the player.

Slab Minions[edit | edit source]

Slab Minions are all minions summoned using Minion Slabs. Slab Minions follow the player that summoned them, and will teleport to their summoner if they get too far away. They cannot sit, however the player can make them stay put by attaching them to a lead, and then tying the lead to a fence.

Slab Minions can be healed by feeding them Cookies. Each cookie given to them restores 20 (Heart.png×10) health. If the player wears a full set of Creation Armor, slab minions will be given a buff upon being summoned.

Weapon Minions[edit | edit source]

Once summoned, Weapon Minions will not follow the player, unlike slab minions. They cannot be attached to leads, and will despawn if the player gets too far away from them. Weapon Minions are hostile to each other, they will attack one another if summoned together.

They cannot be fed cookies. Some weapon minions' health decays when on the field, which eventually leads to their death.

Slab Minions[edit | edit source]

Name Slab Creation Cost Special Ability Level Requirement
Draggy.png Draggy Draggy Slab.pngDraggy Slab 5 None 1
Penguin.png Penguin PenguinSlab.pngPenguin Slab 6 None 1
Compeer.png Compeer CompeerSlab.pngCompeer Slab 6 Slows Enemies On Hit 10
Waggy.png Waggy WaggySlab.pngWaggy Slab 6 Slows Enemies On Hit 15
Plateosaur.png Plateosaur PlateosaurSlab.pngPlateosaur Slab 7 None 25
Spraggy.png Spraggy SpraggySlab.pngSpraggy Slab 7 Poisons Enemies On Hit 30
Spikeback.png Spikeback SpikebackSlab.pngSpikeback Slab 7 None 35
Hellquin.png Hellquin HellquinSlab.pngHellquin Slab 8 Sets Fire To Enemies On Hit 45
Craggy.png Craggy CraggySlab.pngCraggy Slab 8 Sets Fire To Enemies On Hit 45
Horntail.png Horntail HorntailSlab.pngHorntail Slab 8 None 54
Rammerhorn.png Rammerhorn RammerhornSlab.pngRammerhorn Slab 7 None 59
Shaddy.png Shaddy ShaddySlab.pngShaddy Slab 8 Withers Enemies On Hit 60
Corby.png Corby Corby Slab.pngCorby Slab 6 None 63
Gnawer.png Gnawer GnawerSlab.pngGnawer Slab 9 When Fed Fish Transfers 5 Health To Player 68
Ender Carrier.png Ender Carrier EnderCarrierSlab.pngEnder Carrier Slab 8 Interaction Allows Access To Ender Chest Remotely 70
Blissard.png Blissard Blissard Slab.pngBlissard Slab 9 Heals Owner On Hit 70
Goofer.png Goofer Goofer Slab.pngGoofer Slab 9 None 74
Mecha Cyclops.png Mecha Cyclops MechaCyclopsSlab.pngMecha Cyclops Slab 8 None 78
Alluricorn.png Alluricorn AlluricornSlab.pngAlluricorn Slab 9 When Given A Kinetic Rune Grants Player A Massive Movement Speed Boost 81
Construct of Servility.png Construct of Servility Construct of Servility Slab.pngConstruct of Servility Slab 9 Heals Owner On Hit 83
Healing Golem.png Healing Golem HealingGolemSlab.pngHealing Golem Slab 10 Passively Heals Player 90
Mecha Skellox.png Mecha Skellox MechaSkelloxSlab.pngMecha Skellox Slab 10 None 92

See specific pages for individual minion information.

Weapon Minions[edit | edit source]

Name Weapon Creation Cost Ammunition
Shadow Stalker.png Shadow Stalker Shadowlord Staff.pngShadowlord Staff 1 Wither Rune.pngx4 Energy Rune.pngx1

Hive Soldier.png Hive Soldier Hive Staff.pngHive Staff 1 Kinetic Rune.pngx3 Energy Rune.pngx1

Orbling.png Orbling SpaceKingArmorIcons.pngSpaceKing Armor N/A Varies
Rosid.png Rosid Rosidian Greatblade.pngRosidian Weapons N/A Varies