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Nevermine introduces different types of minigames. A minigame is a small, optional event the player can complete to recieve a reward. There currently are only three different types of Minigames in Nevermine, although more will be added later.

Exoid Minigame[edit | edit source]

NOTE: This minigame was made harder as of 2.4.B due to the new foliage that was added to Vox Ponds. The Exoid Minigame is a minigame centering around the Exoid mob. To play this minigame, the player has to use an Apoco Stone on an Exoid Station. Exoid Stations are found on structures in Vox Ponds. Although the player was intended to play this minigame in Vox Ponds, the player can pick it up and take it to the Overworld to play.

Once spawned, the player has to kill the Exoid. Once killed, another Exoid will spawn in at most a 50-block radius from where the last Exoid was killed. The player will have to find it and kill it. The player will win this minigame once the fifth one is killed.

The rewards for winning this minigame are:

Doom Stone.png Doom Stone - a 100% drop from the last Exoid.

Vox Ponds Realmstone.png Vox Ponds Realmstone - a 33% chance drop from the last Exoid.

Rune Templar Minigame[edit | edit source]

The Rune Templar Minigame is a minigame from the Lands of Runandor. The minigame can be found in it's underground structure. Unlike the other two minigames, this one is required, if the player wants to defeat Clunkhead. To play this minigame, the player has to have a Runic Energy and either a Fire Rune, Water Rune, Life Rune or Power Rune. The rune used determines what reward the player will recieve.

When activated, the Rune Templar mob will start losing energy. The Rune Templar will then spawn Runic Lifeforms. The Runic Lifeforms will replenish the Rune Templar's energy, so the player will have to kill them off. The color of the templar and lifeforms depends on the rune used. The player wins when the rune templar runs out of energy.

The rewards for this minigame are:

Mega Rune Fragments.gif Mega Rune Fragments - the color of the fragment depends on the rune used. (Red for Fire, Blue for Water, Green for Life and Yellow for Power). The fragments are used to make the Mega Rune Stone which is used to spawn Clunkhead.

Hydrolisk Minigame[edit | edit source]

The Hydrolisk Minigame is a minigame from L'Borean. To play this minigame, the player has to use a Pure Water Stone on a Hydro Table. Although this minigame was intended to be played in L'Borean, it can be picked up and played in the Overworld. This minigame is also the hardest of the three.

When the water stone is used on the hydro table, the Hydrolisk will spawn. When spawned, the Hydrolisk will have a shield. The Hydrolisk will also begin spawning Hydrolons. The player must kill the hydrolons to obtain Hydro Stones. The player must then use the hydro stones on the Hydrolisk to deactivate it's shield. Once it's shield is disabled the player can start hurting it.

In it's second phase, the Hydrolisk no longer spawns Hydrolons. It instead, places water down where it walks. The Hydrolisk heals very fast in water. The player wins once the Hydrolisk is defeated.

The rewards for defeating the Hydrolisk are:

HydroplateArmorIcons.png Hydroplate Armor - a special armor only obtainable from this minigame.