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Zhinx Glass.png
Hardness ?
Blast resistance ?
Transparent Semi
Luminance None
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool N/A
Drops Nothing
Version added See individual block.
For the vanilla block, see mcw:Glass.

Glass is a type of transparent or semi-transparent block, most often used when making windows. There are many different types of glass in the mod.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

All glass types excluding Ancient, Archaic, Lunar, and the unbreakable variant of Runic Glass can be mined with anything. They will only drop if the player's tool is enchanted with Silk Touch.*

Ancient, Archaic, Lunar, and the unbreakable variant of Runic Glass* are unbreakable by all means.

Natural Generation[edit | edit source]

The following table shows where each glass type can be found:

Glass Type Dimensions Structures
Haven The Haven Dawnlight Dungeons
Iro Iromine, Barathos Professor's lab, MechBot Charging Station, Baroness Arena
Lunar Lunalus Lunar Villages, Lunar Mazes
Decayed The Deeplands Kror Pillars, Cave Fountains, Ambient Balconies
Gardencian Gardencia Garden Castles
Runic* Runandor Clunkhead Arenas, Runic Rooms
Baron Barathos Baron Houses, Mineralization Towers
Vox Vox Ponds Exoid Stations, Destroyed Stores
Lelyetian Lelyetia Lelyetian Towers
Zhinx Lelyetia Zhinx Enclaves
Aquatic L'Borean Aquatic Castles, Hydrolisk Platforms, Dracyon Platforms
Ancient Ancient Cavern Main area
Archaic Immortallis All rooms
Shyre The Shyrelands Craexxeus Towers, upper half of archways
Abyssal N/A N/A

.*The breakable variant of Runic Glass can be found in Clunkhead Arenas. The unbreakable variant can be found in Runic Rooms.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Glass' only purpose is for building and decoration.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Glass Version Added
Haven Glass.png Haven 1.1
Abyssal Glass.png Abyssal N/A
Iro Glass.png Iro 1.1
Lunar Glass.png Lunar 1.1
Vox Glass.png Vox 1.1
Aquatic Glass.png Aquatic 1.1
Runic Glass.png Runic 1.1
Baron Glass.png Baron 1.1
Decayed Glass.png Decayed 1.1
Gardencian Glass.png Gardencian 1.1
Lelyetian Glass.png Lelyetian 2.0
Zhinx Glass.png Zhinx 2.0
Ancient Glass.png Ancient 2.0
Archaic Glass.png Archaic 2.4
Shyre Glass.png Shyre Tslat 1.1