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Lunar Creation Station

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Lunar Creation Station
Lunar Creation Station.png
Structure Type Utility
Consists of Lunar Bricks.png Lunar Bricks
Lunar Pillar.png Lunar Pillars
Lunar Pad.png Lunar Pads
Lunar Creation Table.png Lunar Creation Table
Version Added 1.1

The Lunar Creation Table is a structure that spawns in Lunalus.

Generation[edit | edit source]

Lunar Creation Stations have a 1 in 905 chance to generate in Lunalus. They will usually generate around y = 15, never higher.

If a Lunar Creation Station generates on top of another structure, the Lunar Creation Station will always override the other structure's blocks with its own, unless the other structure is a Zarg Homeplanet, Space Arena, Rune Shrine or Lunar Farm.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Lunar Creation Stations are structures composed mainly out of Lunar Bricks. On the structure, the player can create many different weapons using Empowered Orbs. The orbs are placed on the Lunar Pads in a specific arrangement to create the weapons.

The Lunar Creation Table is extremely sensitive to how the orbs are arranged, so follow the instructions on the weapon pages below carefully.

Loot[edit | edit source]

The following can only be acquired from using this structure.

Orbs Required
Atomizer.png Atomizer 1 Moonlight Orb, 1 Lunar Orb
Energy Cannon.png Energy Cannon 1 Moonlight Orb, 1 Lunar Orb
Ion Revolver.png Ion Revolver 1 Dusk Orb, 1 Lunar Orb
Ion Blaster.png Ion Blaster 1 Dusk Orb, 1 Lunar Orb
Lunar Staff.png Lunar Staff 1 Darklight Orb, 1 Lunar Orb
Celestial Staff.png Celestial Staff 2 Lunar Orbs
Moonlight Staff.png Moonlight Staff 2 Moonlight Orbs, 1 Lunar Orb
Meteor Staff.png Meteor Staff 4 Lunar Orbs
Sun Staff.png Sun Staff 1 Sunfire Orb, 1 Lunar Orb