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Health 20 (Heart.png×10)
Environment Overworld
Hostility Passive
Version 1.0
This article is about the Overworld Lottoman. For lottomen in other dimensions, see NPCs#Lottomen.

The Lottoman is a NPC that spawns randomly in the Overworld. It is immobile, and will be attacked by Zombies, Scrubbies and other mobs that target NPCs.

Lottomen can be spawned using /summon nevermine.LottoMan.

Trades[edit | edit source]

Silver Coin.png 5 Silver Coins = Gem Bag.png 1 Gem Bag

Silver Coin.png 12 Silver Coins = Gem Bag.png 13 Gem Bags

Gold Coin.png 5 Gold Coins = Magic Repair Dust.png 1 Magic Repair Dust

Gold Coin.png 50 Gold Coins = Magic Repair Dust.png 25 Magic Repair Dust

Orbulon.png 15 Orbulons = Magic Repair Dust.png 2 Magic Repair Dust

Gold Coin.png 7 Gold Coins = Shiny Box.png 1 Shiny Box