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Living Fungi

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This creature is a Hunter mob that can only be damaged when the player reaches Hunter level 77.

Living Fungi
Living Fungi.png
Health 200 (Heart.png×100)
Size Width: 1.1 blocks
Height: 2.4375 blocks
Damage 16 (Heart.png×8)
Environment Overworld: Mega-Taiga
Hostility Aggressive
Version 1.0
Item (Quantity) Rate
Silver Coin.png Silver Coin (5-8) 100%
Biogenic Helmet.png Biogenic Helmet 1.67%
Biogenic Chestplate.png Biogenic Chestplate 1.67%
Biogenic Leggings.png Biogenic Leggings 1.67%
Biogenic Boots.png Biogenic Boots 1.67%
32px M-K 1%

Living Fungi are Overworld creatures that spawn in the Mega Taiga as small mushrooms on the ground. While in the ground, it will not move nor attack players; however if attacked, it will transform out of the mushroom form and into its creature form. Shooting it with a bow while in ground form will reflect arrow and not trigger mob even with Flame enchant.

The Living Fungi's creature form can only be damaged if the player is Hunter level 77 or higher, and grants 1500 hunter experience points when killed. It moves quickly, is immune to knockback and has the attributes of Gun and Bow Immunity. Whenever a Living Fungi hits a player, it will apply Poison IV and Slowness II for 3 seconds. It will also heal 30 (Heart.png×15) whenever it hits a creature. This healing effect is doubled if its target is below 50% health.

They should only be fought with excellent equipment that will easily deal with the abilities they possess.

Ground Form
Hiding Fungi.png

Bestiary Entries[edit | edit source]

Hiding Fungi[edit | edit source]

These short blue mushroom creatures are actually Living Fungi while hibernating.

Attacking one will cause it to wake up and attack in self-defense.

Living Fungi[edit | edit source]

These stalk-like mushroom creatures can be found roaming around most coniferous environments, as they enjoy the cool, damp climates.

Living Fungi spend most of their time in a form of hibernation. They do this to preserve energy and to draw nutrition from the ground below them. When in hibernation, they sink their feet slightly into the ground and compress their body into their blue head-covering.

Their body is extremely toxic, with a very thin spore covering layered over their body. These spores are toxic and will cause the victim to fall very ill if they come into skin contact. Their limbs are also non-critical to their survival, and regenerate quickly. Because of this, projectiles may not be very effective against them.

When awoken, they're usually fairly annoyed by being brought out of their hibernation, and will likely chase anything nearby in anger.

Their highly toxic spores and powerful regenerative properties combine to make a very dangerous enemy, and only highly trained combatants will have any chance in taking on one of these fungi.