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Lelyetian Caster

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Lelyetian Caster
Health 60 (Heart.png×30)
Size Width: 0.6 blocks
Height: 2.375 blocks
Damage 4 (Heart.png×2)
Environment Lands of Lelyetia
Hostility Aggressive
Version 2.0
Living Sound
Hurt Sound
Death Sound
Mob Id nevermine.LelyetianCaster

The Lelyetian Caster is an orange-colored barbaric mob from the Lands of Lelyetia. Along with the Lelyetian Warrior, they call the Lelyetia their home and will defend it from those who intrude it.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Lelyetian Casters will spawn naturally anywhere in Lelyetia, in groups of 2-4.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

If left idle, Lelyetians Casters will walk around slowly. Upon spotting a player, they will approach them until they are within 10 blocks of the target player, they will then fire a yellow projectile from the wand that they wield. They can fire these projectiles at a rate of ~1 projectile per second. If the player moves out of the fire radius, Lelyetian Casters will walk slowly towards the player until back in range of fire.

The Lelyetian Caster's projectiles can travel ~10 blocks before they hit the ground. If they impact with the player, the projectiles will do 4 (Heart.png×2) damage and will drain 50 Energy from the player.

Lelyetian Casters have the ability to pathfind, and can navigate entire mazes just to get to the player.

Lelyetian Casters have three eyes, two of which can move to look at the player. The third however cannot.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Unique drops
Item Quantity Looting Chance
Lelyetia Table 100.0%
The above pool is rolled 1 time.