The mod developer has officially decided that the mod was going to 1.15.2! If you still want to read the document detailing what could happen in regards to updating the mod to Minecraft 1.15, you can find it here. You can also voice your opinion on Discord.


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Hardness 1.5
Blast resistance ?
Transparent Yes
Luminance No
Flammable No
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool Pickaxe
ID aoa3:iropole
Version added 1.1

Iropole is a decorative block.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Iropoles can be harvested with any pickaxe. When mined without a pickaxe, they will not drop.

Structures[edit | edit source]

Iropoles generate within Iro Mazes, Iro Pillars and Professor's Labs.

Properties[edit | edit source]

Iropoles are purely decorative.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Information
1.1 Added Iropole.