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Innervation Armor

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Innervation Armor
Innervation Armor.png
Innervation Helmet.png Innervation Chestplate.png Innervation Leggings.png Innervation Boots.png
Armor Helmet: +4 Armor
Chestplate: +9 Armor
Leggings: +7 Armor
Boots: +6 Armor
Total: +26 Armor
Armor toughness +7 Armor Toughness per piece
+28 Armor Toughness total
Durability Helmet: 715
Chestplate: 1040
Leggings: 975
Boots: 845
Effect Full Set Bonus: +10 max health
+30% XP gained for Innervation
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
Version added 2.1
ID aoa3:innervation_helmet

Innervation Armor is a special Tier 4 armor set that requires level 100 Innervation to wear, obtained by trading with an Innervation Master.

Information[edit | edit source]

Innervation armor requires an Innervation level of 100 or higher to wear. The armor pieces will pop off instantly if the player attempts to wear them without being at the required level, unless they're in Creative mode.

Wearing a full set of Innervation armor will add 10 (Heart.png×5) HP to the player's max health. This stacks with the extra max HP Innervation already provides, resulting in up to 50 (Heart.png×25) total health with Innervation armor and level 100 Innervation.

Any XP gained from training Innervation is also increased by 30% when wearing Innervation armor.

Repair[edit | edit source]

See Repairing

Enchanting[edit | edit source]

Innervation Armor can be given all of the enchantments that armor in vanilla Minecraft can be given. It can be enchanted on an anvil, Infusion Table, or a vanilla enchantment table.

In this mod, the player can also put the Intervention enchantment on the armor.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Trading[edit | edit source]

Item Cost Obtained from
Innervation Chestplate.png Innervation Armor Lunaver Coin.png 1 Lunaver Coin per piece Innervation Master