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Health 190 (Heart.png×95)
Size Width: 1.125 blocks
Height: 1.875 blocks
Damage 35 (Heart.png×17.5)
Environment Nether
Hostility Aggressive
Version 1.0
Item (Quantity) Rate
Silver Coin.png Silver Coin (10-14) 100%
Nether Tokens.png Nether Tokens (1-2) 100%
Emberstone Ingot.png Emberstone Ingot (2-4) 100%
Infernal Helmet.png Infernal Helmet 25%
Infernal Chestplate.png Infernal Chestplate 25%
Infernal Leggings.png Infernal Leggings 25%
Infernal Boots.png Infernal Boots 25%
Nether Upgrade Kit.png Nether Upgrade Kit 0.5%

For strategies for finding one, see Finding Rare Mobs.

The Infernal is a rare aggressive mob that spawns in the Nether. It is a melee mob that sets the player on fire for 5 seconds. It is also immune to knockback. The Infernal has massive knockback, which you should be very careful of in the Nether, as there is a lot of lava that you can easily be knocked into.

It has the attributes of Fire, Gun and Ranged Immunity, which makes it only damageable by melee attacks.